Live Stream News Week Commencing 18 November 2018 (Nov 19th, 2018)

Live Stream Insiders

Watch the replay of the latest live stream news and live video platform updates for week commencing 18 November 2018

I share the latest live stream news you can use if you are a marketing, PR or business executive who wants to integrate live streaming into your communication plans for brand awareness, social selling, attracting leads to your organisation, employee engagement or crisis management.

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Turn up your audio to learn about the topics covered on the show this week:

- A new mobile live video chat that integrates with mobile games;

- How to eliminate the background noise from your live stream on desktop using a new app;

- Live video and the public sector case study - a question from a Live Stream Insiders viewer on how to enhance the audio, visual impact and engagement of a live stream. We had great ideas from the live audience and I share some ideas and suggestions.

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