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S3E2 - Jesse Genet - (Jul 20th, 2017)

Jesse Genet, founder and CEO of joins us to chat about the thousands of ecommerce companies are leveraging Lumi to hack the supply chain. For more information about Lumi, head on over to


Carpool VC Season 3 (May 4th, 2017)

It's been a minute! We're back with season 3 of Carpool.VC - we've got some awesome guests lined up, so make sure to subscribe.

Intro music by:


S2E5 - Pat Kinsel (Sep 6th, 2016)

Pat Kinsel, founder and CEO of joins Brett and Jonathon at Ludlow for a ride around Detroit. Notarize offers unparalleled convenience for people looking to notarize a document at any time, and from any location. It provides notaries with a level of security never before possible. And Notarize dramatically improves the process for institutions that require notarized documents to operate.


S2E4 - Blake Robbins (Jun 27th, 2016)

Blake Robbins joins Brett and Jonathon at Ludlow and makes his debut (kind of). Blake previously worked at Nest, SpaceX, and Google. Learn how at 22 Blake worked his way into the world of Venture Capital. We also chat about the future of eSports and the totally cool world of logistical sciences.

Also in this episode: TERRIBLE free-style rapping, conversations about the perfect "stank face", and some Maggie Rogers magic.


S2E3 - Prerna Gupta (Apr 4th, 2016)

Prerna Gupta joins the dudes at Ludlow to chat about her company, Hooked. Prerna chats about how her team uses a lean startup philosophy for content development, what it takes to create addictive reading/writing for teenagers, and what life is like when married to your co-founder.


S2E2 - Jeff Epstein (Feb 17th, 2016)

Jeff Epstein, CEO of Ambassador joins us to talk about growing a company in the midwest, quadrupling headcount in 2015, and how to make a b2b SaaS company sexy.


S2E1 - Startup L Jackson (Jan 14th, 2016)

We got renewed so we're back with season 2 of

@StartupLJackson has not tweeted in 2016 so in this episode we phone SLJ to make sure he's still alive.

Questions asked in this episode include:
-How did the whole @StartupLJackson thing get started?
-What can Startup L. Jackson do that the person behind the account can't?
-What happens if the world figures out who @StartupLJackson is?
-Does @StartupLJackson argue with his real twitter account?
-Curtain question.
-How does @StartupLJackson fee...


S1 E9 - Tim Draper (Nov 16th, 2015)

Tim Draper joins us for a special IRL California edition of In this episode we talk with Tim about his early investment in Tesla, the due-diligence process behind it, the power of Bitcoin, and the best way to get him to read your emails... hint: Hotmail?


S1 E8 - Hunter Walk, Homebrew (Oct 28th, 2015)

Hunter Walk from Homebrew Ventures joins us to chat about what LP's expect from GP's. We discuss Hunter's rise to becoming an important industry voice, how to optimize for returns and not retweets, and lots and lots of animal trivia. Oh yeah, Katie, Jonathon's sister pops in for a few too. She's crazy. The good kind of crazy.

Hunter's interview starts at 5:14 if you want to bypass the Ludlow shenanigans at the beginning...not recommended ;)


S1 E7 - Mark Suster, Upfront Ventures (Sep 24th, 2015)

Mark Suster from Upfront Ventures joins us to chat about what's great and not-so-great about LA, the benefits of blogging (, and what happens when partners at VC firms vehemently disagree on a deal.


S1 E6 - Brad Sewell, Campaign (Sep 8th, 2015)

The ever-so-wonderful Brad Sewell, founder and CEO of Campaign (, joins us to chat about reimagining the furniture industry, manufacturing domestically, and what it's like to build a hardware company.


S1 E5 - Ryan Hoover, Product Hunt (Aug 25th, 2015)

On this episode of Carpool.VC we whip and nae nae, talk to Ryan Hoover, Founder and CEO of Product Hunt about how the Product Hunt voting system works, who he wants to poach from other companies, and how Product Hunt can build on their success outside the tech community.


S1 E4 - Brad Feld, Foundry Group & Techstars (Aug 6th, 2015)

Brad Feld, Partner at Foundry Group and Techstars, joins us on the phone to discuss how to be just nudgy enough to get great mentors, how he and his partners celebrate big financial wins (Fitbt), and what it was like growing up with lovely, flowing hair.


S1 E3 - Adam Lisagor, Sandwich Video (Jul 30th, 2015)

Adam Lisagor, founder of Sandwich Video, joins us on the phone to discuss the art of storytelling.


S1 E2 - Clark Valberg, Founder and CEO Invision (Jul 22nd, 2015)

Clark Valberg joins us on the phone to discuss raising money, growing a team, and why spouses of entrepreneurs always have to be in "beast" mode.


S1 E1 - intro (Jul 21st, 2015)

Upcoming episodes include calls with:

Eric Ries - Author of The Lean Startup
Mark Suster - Upfront Ventures
Jason Calacanis - Investor and host of TWiST
Clark Valberg - Founder and CEO of Invision

Brett and I work at Ludlow Ventures. We carpool to work every day. We decided to start recording our in-car conversations amongst ourselves and other entrepreneurs/VC's every week. The sound quality is bad. Sorry. We'll upgrade our gear as we progress.

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