How To Develop Genuine Charisma - PewDiePie Breakdown (Nov 26th, 2018)

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Four Emotions for an Amazing First Impression:

Why PewDiePie Is Unstoppable:

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I know, we’ve finally reached the inevitable tragedy...

PewDiePie has lost the sub wars with T series.

Regardless, we all know who’s number one in our hearts!

Aside from the hot pursuit, today we’re going to take a look at how Felix’s charisma has grown, his use of clickbait, and how he’s trumped the big media scandals of the past.


0:45 - Point #1: PewDiePie Is A Master Of Capturing Attention
1:54 - Point #2: PewDiePie Is Self Aware
4:31 - Point #3: PewDiePie Makes Content He Actually Likes
5:34 - Point #4: PewDiePie Seems Happier

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