How To End A Conversation Without Seeming Rude (Nov 19th, 2018)

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Picture this.

You're having a conversation, maybe with a friend, maybe with someone you just met.

It might be the case that you actually like the person you're talking to but the conversation is numbingly boring.

You might have something to do or you're just no longer interested in talking anymore.

You know it's time to exit.

But you don't want to be harsh or rude nor do you want to lie and come up with a fake excuse.

What are you supposed to do?

How can you leave the conversation without feeling like a bully or a liar?

Let's talk about it!


0:38 - Part 1: Interrupt And Interject
0:58 - Part 2: Say What You're Going To Do
1:10 - Part 3: Say A Kind And Truthful Comment
1:31 - Scenario 1: Someone That You Like
2:22 - Scenario 2 - You Want To Move Along
3:17 - Scenario 3 - You're Not Enjoying It

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