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This channel presents video lectures by Dr. Jordan B Peterson (psychology department, University of Toronto). Dr. Peterson is a professor and clinical psychologist. The lectures stem from two sources:
1. His U Toronto courses Maps of Meaning, which describes how values, including beliefs about good and evil, regulate emotion and motivation and Personality and Its Transformations, which describes psychological theories from Eliade, Jung, Freud, Rogers, Gray, Luria, Sokolov, Vinogradova, Panksepp, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, and Solzhenitsyn, as well as psychometric models such as the Big Five.
2. His public lectures on topics of general psychological relevance, including the meaning of music, the significance of hero mythology, and the structure of the world as represented in religion.

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Patreon Account Deletion (Jan 15th, 2019)

I closed my Patreon account today, as I promised a few weeks ago ( Thank you to all my current and former Patrons.

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January 2019 Q & A (Jan 13th, 2019)

Happy New Year. This is the first of this year's Q and A's. I am going to answer audience questions, as usual, as well as discussing my next book, my impending departure from Patreon, and my upcoming tour to Switzerland, California, Australia and New Zealand.

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Use coup...


Interview with the grievance studies hoaxers (Jan 11th, 2019)

In the second week of January (2019) I spoke with Dr. Peter Boghossian, Dr. James Lindsay, and Helen Pluckrose, authors of the infamous “Grievance studies” hoax papers. We discussed their motivations and the consequences of their actions.

Portland State University is currently taking disciplinary actions against Dr. Boghossian, having found him guilty of academic misconduct for failing to have PSU’s Institutional Review Board approve his "studies" before they were conducted (!)

Draw your own co...


Responsibility, conscience and meaning (Jan 7th, 2019)

Every time I talk publicly about the relationship between responsibility and meaning, the audience falls silent...

Timon Dias, editor of Geenstijl, the largest Dutch weblog, interviewed me, for the second time, on January 6th (we had spoken a year before:

This interview covered:

1. a review of my lecture tour and other activities last year;
2. the political-correctness-inspired attempt to replace the narrative of individual identity with that of the collective;
3. The arch...


Comedians, canaries and coalmines (Jan 6th, 2019)

The jester in the king's court is the only person allowed to tell the truth. The king who can no longer tolerate his jester has become a tyrant.

This is a short clip from a Q & A moderated by Dave Rubin. It's taken from from this video, which is the Q and A section of a lecture I gave recently in Norway:

See, as well, this recent story in Quillette: The New War on Comedy:

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Goodbye to Patreon (Jan 1st, 2019)

In this video, Dave Rubin and I focus on four issues:

(1) our departure from Patreon (as of Jan 15, 2019);
(2) plans to create an alternative creator-funding platform, with multiple payment options, and with protection for free speech foremost and center as a guiding principle;
(3) the exceptional danger posed by the increasing willingness of payment processors such as MasterCard, Visa and PayPal to monitor, judge and regulate the spending habits of their customers;
(4) the pressure being applied...


Dr. Jordan B Peterson on Femsplainers (Dec 21st, 2018)

On December 13, 2018, I was a guest on Femsplainers with Christina Hoff Sommers and Danielle Crittenden. We discussed, among other topics, the secrets of a long marriage, the problems with dating apps, how to handle a belligerent toddler, and the motivation of my radical feminist critics.

Femsplainers ( is “the gossipy, smart, witty conversation you’d have if all of your girlfriends (and some of your guy friends too!) were experts on the hot topics of the moment. High ...


Jan/Feb: 12 Rules Tour: Zurich, California, Australia, New Zealand (Dec 21st, 2018)

12 Rules for Life Tour continues: tickets

Jan: (Zurich (22nd), San Jose (25th), Riverside (24th), San Diego (25th)

Feb: (Perth (8th, 9th). Adelaide (11th), Melbourne (13th), Canberra (15th), Sydney (16th), Brisbane (17th), Auckland (18th), Christchurch (20th), Wellington (21st), Auckland (23rd), Sydney (26th), Melbourne (27th), Brisbane (28th).

Tickets available here:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.

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Take Aim, Even Badly (Dec 21st, 2018)

A brief video on the utility of taking aim--even badly.

At least it's a start.

The Future Authoring program mentioned here is available at It's part of a suite of online writing programs that help people clarify their past, understand their present personalities, and envision and plan their futures. It works too:

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12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: https://jordanbpeterson....


Patreon: Problem & Solution: Dave Rubin & Dr Jordan B Peterson (Dec 16th, 2018)

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report and I have been discussing the problems that have emerged with Patreon intensely over the last two weeks (most particularly, the banning of Sargon of Akkad [Carl Benjamin]) with all the relevant people in our networks. We talk here about what we have been doing over the last few months, and what steps we are planning to take next.

Rubin also posted this video on his channel:

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My new book: 12 Rules for Lif...


Sir Roger Scruton/Dr. Jordan B. Peterson: Apprehending the Transcendent (Dec 14th, 2018)

A conversation between Dr. Jordan Peterson and Sir Roger Scruton, moderated by Dr. Stephen Blackwood, introduced by Professor Douglas Hedley, presented by The Cambridge Centre for the Study of Platonism and Ralston College, held on Nov 2, 2018 in Cambridge, England.

God willing (so to speak) I will be staying in Cambridge in October and November talking with the faculty at the Divinity School there about the book of Exodus prior to releasing a new series of videos about that biblical saga.



Sir Roger Scruton/Dr. Jordan B. Peterson: Apprehending the Transcendent v2 (Dec 14th, 2018)

This is the 2nd version of this uploaded. The 1st ran into temporary copyright confusion, so I recut it, with different intro music, but had to cut a bit of the intro.

This is the full original.

A conversation between Dr. Jordan Peterson and Sir Roger Scruton, moderated by Dr. Stephen Blackwood, introduced by Professor Douglas Hedley, presented by The Cambridge Centre for the Study of Platonism and Ralston College, held on Nov 2, 2018 in Cambridge, England.

God willing (so to speak) I will be st...


With Jocko Willink: The Catastrophe of the Utopian Soviet State (Dec 14th, 2018)

The 50th anniversary version of The Gulag Archipelago is available at Amazon UK at or at multiple booksellers on the dedicated Penguin Random House page at

I read the foreword here:

I was recently in LA (December 2018) and had the opportunity to speak again with Jocko Willink ( We discussed the catastrophe of the Soviet/communist utopian experiment, with a terri...


How to make the world better. Really. With Bjorn Lomborg. (Dec 7th, 2018)

I spoke December 7, 2018 with Bjorn Lomborg, author and President of Copenhagen Consensus Center, a singularly innovative and influential US-based think tank. Mr. Lomborg and his team have done the hard conceptual and empirical work necessary to turn good intentions for global improvement into implementable and economically efficient strategies.

That's really saying something.

They have, among other things, analyzed the UN Millenial goals (169 of them, which is far too many), prioritizing and r...


Message to my Korean readers (90 seconds) (Nov 27th, 2018)

I received word today, while taking a break in Maui, Hawaii, near the beach, that sales of 12 Rules for Life have approached 100,000 in the Korean translation.

Number 1 on Yes24:
Number 3 on Kyobo:
Number 11 on Aladin:

So I made this short video as a thank you to my readers, viewers and listeners in that great country. Hope to see you there.

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The Democrats: Apology and Promise (v1.2) (Nov 7th, 2018)

I posted a variant of this video yesterday, but upon further consideration decided that this mode of presentation was more appropriate, and therefore chose to replace it.

This is the ad i wished I had heard the Democrats deliver.

We are the Democrats. Since 1828, our great party has played a major role in participating in the political process that has produced what is arguably the greatest republic the world has ever seen. We've produced generation after generation of leaders whom, despite the...


The Democrats: Apology and Promise (Nov 6th, 2018)

This is, in part, a revisioning of an ad produced by Built not Bought (, part of Future Majority's attempt to rebrand the Democrat message with a " call to action, to build a future that is just and free, full of hope and opportunity." The video portion of this posting is derived primarily from that source.

I analyzed and commented on the original ad, both positively and negatively, a few weeks ago:

Yesterday (Nov 7) I...


JB Peterson: Foreword to The Gulag Archipelago: 50th Anniversary (Oct 31st, 2018)

I had the great privilege of writing the forward to the 50th anniversary version of the abridged version of one of the most important books of the 20th century, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago, a devastating account of the absolute horror wreaked upon the people of the Soviet Empire by the acolytes of the doctrine of Karl Marx. I read the foreword here, in its entirety, and encourage everyone to purchase and study the book. It changed the world.

The 50th anniversary version of T...


JB Peterson: Free Thought and Speech in London (Oct 30th, 2018)

I have been in London many times this year, working with Penguin Random House UK, the greatest publishing house. In front of the BBC studios there is a statue of George Orwell, and its presence gave rise to this video.

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My new book: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos:

12 Rules for Life Tour: Dates, Cities and Venues:

My first book: Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: https://...


UK 12 Rules Tour: October and November (Oct 21st, 2018)

Tickets ( UK 12 Rules Tour: Oct: Manchester (25th), Oxford (26th), Glasgow (27th), Edinburgh (28th); Nov; Cambridge (1st), Edinburgh (7th).

I will use the lectures to extend and develop key concepts from my books 12 Rules for Life ( and Maps of Meaning (

I am also speaking over the next month in Dublin, Oslo, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and again in Oslo, Stockholm ...