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ConsenSys is a venture production studio building decentralized applications and various developer and end-user tools for blockchain ecosystems, primarily focused on Ethereum.

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Tachyon Demo Day 2018 - Overview Video (Dec 13th, 2018)

On Friday, Nov. 16, 2018, ConsenSys Ventures held its first demo day for the Tachyon Accelerator in San Francisco. The day consisted of pitches from all sixteen projects in front of investors from the tech realm.


About ConsenSys, its Blockchain Projects & Vision for a Decentralized Future (Nov 29th, 2018)

Joseph Lubin, co-founder of #Ethereum, discusses the Blockchain Ecosystem and the structure of ConsenSys. - Learn how we are building a decentralized future with the #Blockchain: - We need you! Positions are available for coders, designers, marketers and much more: - To learn more about our Blockchain Startups & Venture Studio, visit:


A Blockchain Holiday Dinner (Nov 23rd, 2018)

May all your blockchain dinner conversations be as easy this holiday season!


ConsenSys Animation - Featuring Spokes (Nov 8th, 2018)

Another piece of 3D eye candy for our audience and trade show booths. We hope you enjoy watching this visual that also includes a brief write up on some of our spokes.

To learn more about ConsenSys head to


ConsenSys Intro Animation - Building on ETH (Nov 7th, 2018)

This 3D animation depicts our various spokes, forming our overall ConsenSys logo, which is then encapsulated by the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole. We hope you enjoy this eye candy and to learn more about ConsenSys and all of its projects head to


Round Table Discussion | Jeth Developers Meetup #1 (Oct 12th, 2018)

During the ending of Jeth Issue 1, three lecturers had a round table discussion with Glowin, the co-founder of

Question 1: Where is the biggest difficulty and limitation of Ethereum at this stage?

Question 2: When is new technology applied to the industry most suitable?

Question 3: How to get started with Ethereum develop?

Question 4: What are the recommended blockchain books or tutorials?

Title: ERC-20 Token and Crowdfunding - Xiong Libing | Jeth Developers Meetup #1


Introduction to Full Stack Smart Contracts | Howard | Jeth Developers Meetup #1 (Oct 12th, 2018)

Howard (Ye Beihong) is the writer of a Solidity and Ethereum handbook Deep Dive Into Ethereum Virtual Machine. Howard is the chief DApp develop engineer of Qtum. Howard has 10+ years experience of product development experience, and he has passion about building decentralization products.

This tutorial introduces the full stack architecture of Ethereum through simple examples of smart contract.


Ethereum #DApp Development Explained in One Hour | Xiong Libing (Oct 12th, 2018)

Xiong Libing is the CTO of He is also the most popular blogger in Chinese #blockchain developer communities.

- To learn more about Upchain, visit:
- Learn more about dApps here:


Introduction to Full-Stack Smart Contract Development | Zhong Wenbin (Oct 12th, 2018)

Zhong Wenbin is the CTO of Qtum, responsible for Qtum core and Qtum X86 VM development.

In this video, Mr. Zhong will introduce Smart contract and why do we need it. Full-stack smart contract development explained, from front-end, RPC, ABI, contract, EVM to data storage.


#Ethereum for Front-End Engineers | Wang Shijun | Jeth Developers Meetup #1 (Oct 12th, 2018)

Wang Shijun is an experienced web development engineer. His tech blog in has 11K+ followers. His Ethereum handbook, Zero to One: Build ICO DApp through Ethereum Smart Contract, has sold 960+ volumes. His WeChat Official Account, Front-end Weekly, has owned 2600+ subscribers.

As a senior front-end engineer, Mr. Wang introduces how to build an automated #Ethereum smart contract workflow, how to build a DApp development framework, how to complete the develop and deployment of #DApps


ERC-20 Tokens & Crowdfunding | Xiong Libing | Jeth Developers Meetup #1 (Oct 12th, 2018)

Xiong Libing is the CTO of He worked for Sinovation Ventures and Cheetah Mobile. He was responsible for the development and management of several 10M+ users Apps. He has owns a #blockchain technical blog, which is the hottest one in Chinese blockchain #developer communities.

This time, Mr. Xiong brings us an introduction to ERC-20 Token and #Crowdfunding in smart contract, including how to achieve a simple token, the analysis and achievement of Solidity ERC-20, mining and other fe...


LA Office Open House (Oct 3rd, 2018)

ConsenSys's Open House event on August 29, 2018, at Phase Two in Culver City, Los Angeles. Thanks to Niki Williams, Yadira Blocker, and Horecee St. Cyr for putting together an awesome night!


Zug #Crypto Valley Forum Special Blockchain #Meetup July 6, 2018 - Highlight Video (Sep 21st, 2018)

Highlights from the Special Meetup for the Crypto Valley Association in Zug #Switzerland July 6, 2018. Speakers include Reto Gadient and Joe Lubin discussing the future and current status of #blockchain technology. Includes the "coding for kids" sponsorship announcement to CoderDojo.

To learn more about the Zug Valley Crypto Meetup visit:

To learn more about ConsenSys, Joe Lubin or Ethereum visit:


Zug #Crypto Valley Forum Special #Blockchain Meetup July 6, 2018 - Full-Length Pres. & Fireside Chat (Sep 21st, 2018)

Full-Length Presentation & Fireside Chat from the Special Meetup for the Crypto Valley Association in Zug #Switzerland July 6, 2018.

Introduction from Reto Gadient from the Crypto Valley Association.

Fireside Chat with Joe Lubin of ConsenSys & Ethereum, moderated by Tom Lyons. Includes the full "coding for kids" sponsorship announcement to CoderDojo.

To learn more about the Zug Valley Crypto Meetup visit:

To learn more about ConsenSys, Joe Lubin or Eth...


Ujo + Capitol Records #Hackathon - Bringing Blockchain Innovation to Music: Capitol360 Hackathon (Sep 13th, 2018)

ConsenSys music project Ujo teamed up with Capitol Records in June of 2018 to host the very first Capitol360 Hackathon at the historic Capitol Records office in #Hollywood, California.

The goal is to bring fairness, innovation, creativity and autonomy back to the creative, solving once and for all the issue of lopsided artist compensation and monetization systems.

The two-day event was filled with amazing coders, creatives, programmers, and musicians all building forward-thinking #blockchain pr...


Sam Cassatt - Chief Strategy Officer, ConsenSys (Interview) (Sep 11th, 2018)

Sam Cassatt takes a fresh look at money - what is, why it's needed and how it works. He then moves into state created money and how blockchain could enable a better system of complimentary, and competing currencies.


How To Use MetaMask (Sep 4th, 2018)

Here is a screencast that showcases how to use MetaMask, a plugin which enables your browser to connect to the Ethereum Network. MetaMask is a key step to interacting with many Ethereum Dapps. To download MetaMask go to


¿Que es ConsenSys? (Aug 29th, 2018)

Con Sam Cassatt de ConsenSys