Building Blockchain for a Billion Population (Aug 16th, 2018)

Auxesis Group

Akash Gaurav, CEO and founder of Auxledger was live on Facebook 21st July 2018, in which he explained how the blockchain technology is transforming businesses and industries. Going through the brief he explained that how this technology has evolved in a short span of time. Knowing the fact that blockchain technology has impacted major industries worldwide, Akash speaks about how and why all the enterprises are having high expectations from the mast of this technology. He further adds that the technology we are looking for has many transparent and efficient ways of doing things which were never possible before and Auxledger is among one. Reasonably “Auxledger is one of the pioneer infrastructure that has come into and revolutionized the development of blockchain worldwide. It is an enterprise to blockchain infrastructure that aims to bring complete transparency in different sectors like supply chain, e- governance, finance and insurance process.
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