chat offers customer and business solutions for instant exchanging of bitcoin and dozens of digital assets, no account needed. It is how digital currency exchange should work. From start to finish you can change currencies in under ten seconds, no account required.

No emails or passwords. No lengthy sign-­up process. No accounts. No bid and ask orders. No friction.

ShapeShift's goal is to be the fastest, most private, and most convenient way to swap digital currencies, and the exchange rate will always remain competitive.

Products Include:
- Instant digital asset exchange:
- Shifty Button merchant processing solution:
- Skelton Tool widget:
- Lens Browser Extension:

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Crypto Gift Giving | BOGO Deal (2018) | KeepKey (Dec 6th, 2018)

From December 1 - December 31, 2018, KeepKey will be running a buy one, get one (BOGO) free campaign. Give the gift of Crypto this holiday season.


"They’ll Never Forget the Moment You Got Them Into Crypto."


Mastering The New CoinCap Platform (Oct 19th, 2018)

We're walking through CoinCap's new features and showing you how CoinCap can be your most useful crypto monitoring tool -- whether you're a casual observer or seasoned crypto trader!


ShapeShift Membership | How It Works (Sep 4th, 2018)

ShapeShift is introducing a new membership program for users. The loyalty program provides perks including higher trading limits, better exchange rates and more.

Watch our “How It Works” video above to learn more about how membership works and the perks involved.


ShapeShift Membership (Sep 4th, 2018)

ShapeShift is introducing a new membership program for users! Loyalty program provides perks including higher trading limits, better exchange rates and more.

Hear Founder and CEO Erik Voorhees discuss ShapeShift’s membership program and his vision for the company in the coming years.


How to Use MyCrypto to Exchange Digital Assets (Mar 7th, 2018)

See how MyCrypto, a free open-sourced client side tool for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain, allows their users to exchange between over a dozen digital assets via the ShapeShift API.

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How to Buy Ripple (Feb 23rd, 2018)

The process for buying Ripple on ShapeShift is a bit different than purchasing other assets. Watch this video to learn the easy steps for swapping your digital assets for XRP.


How to Use to Exchange Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (Feb 14th, 2018)

The ShapeShift API allows for endless integration possibilities. Let’s see how, a premier source for everything Bitcoin-related, allows wallet users to swap between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Cash for Bitcoin seamlessly via the ShapeShift API.

Download the Wallet Here:

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How to Buy Dash (Jan 19th, 2018)

Interested in buying Dash? All it takes is three simple steps on!


How to Buy Bitcoin Cash (Jan 19th, 2018)

Want to buy BCH? Here's how to do it, in just a few simple steps...


How to Exchange BTC to BCH with BitPay and Copay Wallets (Jan 18th, 2018)

Trading cryptocurrencies was hard before instant, account-free exchange ShapeShift made it easy. Now ShapeShift's popular service for exchanging, or "shifting" between cryptocurrencies is available in the BitPay and Copay wallets by default.

Watch the video to learn how you can use the new ShapeShift integration whenever you need to exchange Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash.

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(SEE UPDATE IN DESCRIPTION) PSA: ShapeShift Customer Support Concerns (Dec 20th, 2017)

UPDATE: (01/05/2018) We have increased our support timeline to 10-13 days first touch and an additional 2-3 days for us to return funds (total of approx. 16 days full time waiting). We will continue to update you on timelines for support here. Thank you all for your patience!

To our amazing ShapeShift customers, we love you and we hear you. Support timelines have been longer than normal due to a record-breaking amount of people trading and playing in the blockchain space! What exciting times t...


How to Buy Ether on (Oct 26th, 2017)

Learn how to buy Ether with dozen of digital assets including bitcoin, litecoin, dash and more with the ShapeShift exchange. The process is quick and simple. No account needed. No counterparty risk.

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Introducing Prism: The World’s First Trustless Asset Portfolio Platform (May 22nd, 2017)

Prism is the world's first trustless asset portfolio platform, enabling users to create portfolios of digital assets, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, & Golem without counterparty risk. In a matter of minutes, an investor can create their crypto portfolio, gain exposure to a wide range of blockchain tokens, and secure their investment without having to maintain unique wallets for each asset. The technology is engineered and offered by ShapeShift AG, one of the world’s leadin...


Βήμα προς Βήμα: Πώς να ανταλλάξετε bitcoin και ψηφιακά περιουσιακά στοιχεία με το (Oct 24th, 2016)

(ShapeShift Quick Video in Greek)

Το ανταλλάζει στιγμιαία Bitcoin, Ether, και πολλά άλλα blockchain περιουσιακά στοιχεία. Αυτό το βίντεο δείχνει στους χρήστες πώς να κάνει μια βασική, "γρήγορη" ανταλλαγή. Δεν απαιτείται λογαριασμός.

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Langkah-Langkah: Cara menukar bitcoin dan aset digital dengna (Oct 21st, 2016)

(ShapeShift Quick Transaction, Indonesian) adalah cara instan menukar Bitcoin, Ether, dan aset blockchain lainnya. Video ini menunjukkan dasar penggunaan kepada pengguna, “quick” exchange

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Langkah-Langkah: Cara melakukan “Precise” bitcoin dan penukaran aset digital di (Oct 21st, 2016)

(ShapeShift Precise Transaction video, in Indonesian) adalah cara instan menukar Bitcoin, Ether, dan aset blockchain lainnya. Video ini menunjukkan cara melakukan penukaran “precise” kepada pengguna. Transaksi precise mengizinkan pengguna menentukan dengan tepat berapa banyak mereka ingin menerima dan ShapeShift menyediakan jumlah yang tepat yang dibutuhkan pengguna. Dengan opsi ini memungkinkan pengguna memperoleh kurs yang lebih baik dan limit tertinggi.

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How to do in-wallet exchanges with multi-asset wallet, Exodus (Oct 5th, 2016)

There is no better way to store and exchange multi-assets than the safe, expertly designed Exodus wallet. This desktop wallet's seamless integration with the ShapeShift API allows users to quickly exchange between bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin, Dash and Litecoin. This video shows users how to successfully use the Exodus wallet to exchange between assets.
Download Exodus here:


Fund your Wirex Bitcoin Debit Card with Altcoins (Sep 20th, 2016)

Wanting to shop for everyday items with bitcoin and other leading altcoins? The Wirex app allows users to create virtual and physical debits cards that can be funded with bitcoin, and now, via their integration with the ShapeShift API, dozens of leading assets. Watch our video for step-by-step instructions on how to load your bitcoin debit card with Ethereum, and other assets instantly, for grocery shopping and other everyday purchases.

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How to Deposit Digital Assets for Games (Sep 14th, 2016)

The ShapeShift Shifty Button quickly and easily allows websites to accept dozens of blockchain assets with just one little snippet of code. Let’s see how’s Game room used Shifty to allow users to fund playing Blackjack with multiple assets in their game room.

Head on over to the game room here:

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Étape par étape : Comment échanger bitcoin et ressources numériques avec (Sep 8th, 2016)

(Quick Transaction Demo: French) est un échange instantané pour Bitcoin, Ether, et bien d'autres actifs blockchain. Cette vidéo montre aux utilisateurs comment faire une échange de base "rapide". Pas besoin de compte.

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