Christian and Ladi - Tektonland the Future of On-Demand Printing (Oct 27th, 2018)

The Social Media Podcast: SocialRay

In this episode I talk with Christian (@christekton) and Ladi (@londoniangaga) about how they were able to scale their on-demand printing business Tektonland (@tektonland) within a year and work with influential celebrities, athletes, and influencers.

They've been able to work with people like Drake's dad and others in the celebrity and influencer space because of how quickly they can deliver their on-demand products within 24 hours of sending the design they want printed on any clothing item.

They are based out of LA and can print anything on-demand onto any clothing and color. They are disrupting the on-demand printing industry with how quickly and efficiently they are able to produce products for their clients.

Also they don't just mass produce on-demand printing but can produce clothing even if it's just one piece so it's consumer-friendly.

In this interview we talk about the importance of not giving up even when things seem rough, how the only person you need to compete against at the end of the day is yourself, and how success will come if you are patient and working hard and smart towards it.

Hope you enjoy this interview with Christian and Ladi and check them out on Instagram @tektonland for more information about their services.

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