Sarah Rav - Overcoming Anorexia as a Social Media Influencer (Oct 19th, 2018)

The Social Media Podcast: SocialRay

In thie episode I talk with Sarah Rav, a 20 year old medical student and social media influencer with a network of over 2 million followers in the food and fitness space.

We talk about how she got into the social media space and how she was able to build such a massive following in such a short amount of time.

We also talk about personal issues that Sarah had to overcome even in her journey as a medical student and social media influencer, issues that not many people share on social media because of what others might say or think about.

She talks about how she had struggled with anorexia and at one point weighted 30 kilos. Her university had to even suspend her from attending school so she could attend once she had achieved a healthy weight.

Eventually Sarah was able to get her mindset back on track and she shares how she was able to do that with the support of her close friends.

She is open to sharing about her struggles and difficulties she overcame so others may be encouraged and can feel free to reach out to her for support.

She has impacted and changed many people's lives and perspectives with her posts and vulnerable sharing and continues to do so with her personal instagram @sarahrav.

Check out the full interview on the SocialRay podcast and hope you're inspired and empowered to share your own story to help others who might face similar issues.

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