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Two professional women, one a Democrat the other Republican, find common ground over misogyny and sexism in the chaotic world of modern American society. Join Tracy Dietz and Kelly Gibson as they drink wine, share stories, and contemplate the best ways to deal with the asshats and douchebags they encounter every day.



Indiana Solo and the Temple of Boobs (Jun 22nd, 2018)

After a few heartfelt and sobering words regarding the immigration crisis at the border, Tracy and Kelly launch into one of their funniest episodes ever.

We're talking PIMPS! Dennis Hof, a strip club and brothel owner in Nevada, looks set to win election to the state legislature, launching the Dames into a hilarious dissection of the...let's just say the mechanics of the sex trade.

President Trump announces a "Space Force" and Kelly gets her Harrison Ford movie themes all confused. Please don't...


Courage To Run (Jun 15th, 2018)

Tracy and Kelly welcome a very special guest, Frieda Edgette, to talk about her new initiative Courage To Run, the nation's first nonpartisan run and walk that celebrates the rising wave of women getting civically active and running for office. Frieda talks to the Dames about how the run can elevate the mindset, endurance and heartfelt vision needed to be healthy and lead effectively in civic life today. We encourage everyone to participate!

Glamour and GQ partnered on an exclusive survey that...


Pageant Material (Jun 8th, 2018)

In this star-studded episode, Tracy and Kelly wonder how the hell Bill Clinton can be so goddamn arrogant when questioned about the #metoo movement and Kelly provides a short history of Presidential asshattery.

Fashion superstar Katy Pieri joins the Dames for a fun, insightful conversation about how women generally (and First Ladies specifically) are judged by their fashion choices and the struggle of parenting the way we want in the 21st Century.

Finally, the Miss America Pageant tosses the sw...


Milk, Eggs, and Porn (Jun 1st, 2018)

We're drinking champagne to celebrate Eric Greitens' resignation! Another asshat goes down, blaming the victim for all the pain and suffering he's experienced. Good riddance, douchebag!

Roseanne Barr gets canceled because she's just an awful, awful person. Seriously, she's a crazy person who has zero tolerance for anyone who isn't just like her - and clearly has no problem saying so, but racism is NOT a side effect of Ambien.

Crazy Shit People Say: Republican Congresswoman Diane Black, who is r...


Georgia Is So Swingy (May 25th, 2018)

The pink wave keeps rolling as Stacey Abrams (GA), Amy McGrath (KY), Gina Ortiz Jones (TX), and Lupe Valdez (TX) all win their Democratic Primary races (in Red States)!

Asshat of the week is Jason Miller, a Trump campaign spokesperson who admitted to having an extramarital affair with one of his Trump campaign staffers, AJ Delgado, who subsequently gave birth to Miller's love child. Delgado was abruptly fired from her job at a pro-Trump PAC last month and has started a GoFundMe campaign to hel...


Swamp Thing, You Make My Heart Sing (May 18th, 2018)

Epic troll god and sloth master Shoshana Weissmann joins the Dames for this wild romp through Pennsylvania, Nebraska, and the D.C. dating scene! Is the pink wave real, or will it crash against the rocks of “women can’t win” cynicism? It’s looking good in Nebraska where Democratic establishment choice Brad Ashford lost to Bernie-style liberal Kara Eastman in…

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Womansplaining (May 11th, 2018)

In this very energetic episode, Tracy and Kelly tackle recent news that NY AG Eric Schneiderman is a hypocrite of superhero proportions, championing women's issues by day and beating and humiliating his girlfriends by night (https://nyti.ms/2ItWYm5). Seriously, how do you go to the police when your abuser is the AG?

Crazy Shit People Say: Don Blankenship, candidate for Senate from West Virginia, is an Americaperson who really doesn't like Chinapeople (http://bit.ly/2jNzYjN).

Michelle Obama's ca...


A Very Expensive Swear Jar (May 4th, 2018)

This week the Dames are joined by Jen Harrington, who runs the Republican email fundraising company Conservative Connector. Tracy and Kelly agreed to tone down their language at Jen’s request, but the swear jar was full before the second segment. In this episode, they discuss their complex reactions to Michelle Wolf’s jokes at the White House…

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Brooke Cartus is a Fit Yellow Squash (Apr 27th, 2018)

Special guest Brooke Cartus keeps the Dames laughing about water parks, Stormy Daniels, and vegetables in this hilarious special episode. Ivana Trump finally speaks out about her ex-husband the President and men in general, who just can’t keep it zipped. Also, golf. All that and badass women Senator Tammy Duckworth and Captain Tammie Jo Shults, too!

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Suck It Through The Sobs (Apr 20th, 2018)

After a fun week in Nashville that made Kelly sick, the Dames return to D.C. to talk about new revelations in the raging asshattery of Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens. Will he be impeached before his criminal trial starts May 14? Barbara Bush passed away this week, and Tracy and Kelly pay tribute to an amazing woman…

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You Say Infidelity, I Say Injecting the Lord with a Magic Saving Wand (Apr 13th, 2018)

Tracy and Kelly call out self-help guru Tony Robbins for awful comments he made about women and the #metoo movement (he later apologized), then move on to give you the latest in the extortion case of Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. Did the woman in question just dream the photograph? Crazy shit people say takes an…

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Grow a Pair of Ovaries, Dammit! (Apr 6th, 2018)

Do women have an advantage in political campaigns in 2018? Damn right they do, and Tracy and Kelly are thrilled! https://n.pr/2qgLRSr

Shout out to Democrat Mary Wilson of Texas, who beat three men in the recent congressional primary race with a measly $40,000 campaign budget. And...is breastfeeding in campaign ads really a new thing? https://n.pr/2GHoRD5

Tracy points out that the authors of a 2012 study that indicated conservatives beliefs are linked to psychoticism now say they got it wrong......


“It was a dark and Stormy Daniels…” (Mar 30th, 2018)

Liz Chadderdon is back to join Tracy & Kelly this week for another over-the-top episode! First, Stormy Daniels! The Dames discuss how a porn star has managed to stay in the news while keeping President Trump silent about the whole affair (pun intended). Asshatery shows up in sports and leisure this week. Tennis star Martina Navratilova learns the…

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Condom Jam and the One Night Virgin (Mar 23rd, 2018)

This is one episode you don't want to miss! The smart, talented and funny Liz Chadderdon joins Tracy & Kelly this week and she kicks everything up a few notches. Then a few more.

First, a pro-life Democratic Congressman defeats his pro-choice challenger—a woman—in the Illinois Democratic Primary. What does it say about the Year of the Woman, if anything?

Kelly puts some new research on the table: It seems liberals are more likely than conservatives to unfriend people on social media. Then s...


Hill Hath No Fury (Mar 16th, 2018)

Hang on to your headphones, Damers, this is one fiery episode.

First, we speak with Lucy Beck, one of the founders of M.Power, a discussion group whose mission is to empower women in progressive politics by sharing experiences and new perspectives in hopes of taking on the industry’s norms. Inspiring!

Then things get a little heated as Kelly wonders about evangelical women walking away from Donald Trump in hopes of strong female conservative leadership. (Did someone say Nikki Haley?) Tracy's ha...


All Outta Hope (Mar 9th, 2018)

The Academy Awards give the Dames a new opportunity to laugh at Mike Pence and a chance to disagree about “inclusion riders”. Ah, Hollywood. Big news this week: Hope Hicks announced she’s retiring as White House Communication Director, so Tracy and Kelly debate the media’s coverage of her and whether it’s more important to be smart or experienced. …

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LIVE from the Reed Awards! (Mar 2nd, 2018)

Recorded LIVE at Campaigns & Elections’ Reed Awards & Conference in Charleston, SC. Tracy & Kelly lay down some rules to keep asshats from ruining a conference for everyone (at a conference that asshats have been known to attend). But who are we kidding? There are asshats everywhere. One industry with a fair share of…

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Who Wants To F#@k Donald Trump?! (Feb 23rd, 2018)

Things get personal this week, as Tracy & Kelly address sexual assault allegations against a member of their own community and ask the question, “Is there a line beyond which bad behavior means you should lose your job?” Talking about harassment and assault is hard enough when it’s about people you don’t know… This week’s…

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Redemption Apprehension (Feb 16th, 2018)

In this episode, Tracy & Kelly examine the limitations placed on professional women who decide to become mothers and the way men treat pregnant women in the workplace. This week’s Crazy Shit People Say: Donald Trump whines about due process and poor Rob Porter. Big question of the week: Is there any redemption for asshats?…

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Jesus Is My Flu Shot (Feb 9th, 2018)

Tracy & Kelly introduce “Crazy Shit People Say”, a new segment calling out looney people who say idiotic bullshit. Riding the crazy train this week: sexual freedom leads to human trafficking and God only wants ducks and deer to get shots. In other news, the House of Representatives now thinks it’s not okay for members to sleep with their…

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