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Two professional women, one a Democrat the other Republican, find common ground over misogyny and sexism in the chaotic world of modern American society. Join Tracy Dietz and Kelly Gibson as they drink wine, share stories, and contemplate the best ways to deal with the asshats and douchebags they encounter every day.



Women Can't F#@%ing Say That! (Jan 11th, 2019)

We join the Dames today on your favorite podcast covering sexism as they enjoy wine in a can. Hold on to your britches because Kelly and Tracy get feisty with each other in this episode, and agree there are just some things they will disagree about until they’re dead.

Congresswoman Tlaib Curses
The Dames begin by talking about the statement Congresswoman Tlaib from Michigan made on Swearing-in Day that caused an uproar. She said, “We are going to impeach the motherfu@#$!.”  Kelly argues that it...


Male Ego In The Way (Jan 4th, 2019)

Welcome to 2019! New Year, same shit. The Dames dive into a story about why women in power are called “difficult”. They discuss the double standard women in power face compared their male counterparts, and agree that women should turn the situation into a positive rather than dwelling on it. 

Ready or not, the Presidential campaign season has begun. Kelly thinks it’s epic that Elizabeth Warren is the first candidate to get her campaign rolling. Tracy may not be too fond of her, but she can’t ...


Baby, It's Cold (and Stormy) Outside (Dec 21st, 2018)

Join the Dames for their last episode of 2018! They are fully invested in the holiday season and ready to spread some holiday cheer.

Our Dames begin by discussing Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump. They speculate about whether a sitting president will go after a pornstar for money awarded to him in court. Kelly and Tracy mutually agree that at this point Donald Trump is practically bulletproof. Aaaannnnd...this is where all agreement in this episode ceases.

Harvey Weinstein’s newest move in the c...


We Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty (Dec 14th, 2018)

The Dames are feeling like Hollywood stars today! They’ve had full hair blowouts and have a shit-ton of make-up on for their video debut—all so the world can see a different side of them...but you’ll have to wait for that.

You know it is going to be a good show when Tracy starts by saying “this is going to be uncomfortable.”

The Dames are at odds over an article in Politico Magazine about what it’s like to be a female political consultant. Tracy argues against its anecdotal bias and “whiney” so...


Tracy has a Breakthrough and Kelly's Head Explodes (Dec 7th, 2018)

Our Dames are at it again, tasting (and chugging) some wine. Kelly could care less for Tracy’s foo-foo bottle of Cabernet and instead goes for a cheap Pinot Noir.

Tracy shares a story about dresses (in Brazil) that record groping, to expose the harassment women often face in nightclubs, which sparks a conversation about the “touch-and-grab” so many men try. The Dames hope they’ll try this project in Washington to see how different the results would be.

Next topic: Has “feminism” become a dirty ...


66% Best Friends (Nov 30th, 2018)

It’s so cold in DC that Tracy almost wore a fur coat and there are toy polar bears climbing up a fake library wall in the studio building. Christmas has officially arrived in Washington.

Today the Dames are talking Bipartisan friendship. Is it something that can exist in this day and age, with the state of our politics? How can you make it work? Is it as simple as not being a douchebag?

Kelly springs a quiz on Tracy: Are they 33%, 66% or 99% close as best friends? The quiz also reveals a topic ...


Women Are Equal But Not Equal (Nov 23rd, 2018)

Women can do anything men can do, including trek across Antarctica. The Ice Maiden team, six women from the British army, did just that.

The Button! surfaced sexism by the Chicago Tribune regarding one of the five women running to be mayor of Chicago. The social media headline on a piece about Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza read, "If Boss Madigan and Rahm Emanuel conceived a daughter, she’d be Susana Mendoza." As Chicago Sun-Times columnist Laura Washington puts it, "To portray an accompl...


Babywearing for the Win! (Nov 16th, 2018)

Kelly is freezing this week in North Dakota while Tracy enjoys a beer (not wine? Gasp!). The Dames get along and agree when discussing Michelle Obama’s new memoir, Becoming, and they ask, “Did Michelle Obama’s fashion style pave the way for future first ladies?”

Tracy reveals that she once wore her daughter to a business conference when the Dames discuss a meteorologist who her weather report while babywearing. Babywearing for the working mama win!

In the segment now known as The Button! a Toky...


2018 Midterm Election Wrap-up (Nov 9th, 2018)

The Dames are suffering from post-election exhaustion but are really excited about the historic number of women elected to Congress, Governor, and other high-level positions all across the country. Congratulations women!

Everything isn't rosy, however, as a new report out of the UK shows that sexism in the workplace is worse than previously thought. Worse still, 28% of women considered women to be less qualified for leadership roles than men (along with 45% of men). Tracy and Kelly consider th...


Let's Talk About Sex, Baby (Nov 2nd, 2018)

This week the Dames jump right in and discuss a new survey about sex that shows Democrats and Republicans don't just disagree about politics, they have very different sexual fantasies. The results are not what they expected. Spoiler: Both Dems AND Repubs fantasize about sex with Bill Clinton. Waah?

Tracy treats Kelly nicely by bringing in the white wine...which isn't all that good...as they commiserate over a Chicago Cubs shirt Tracy bought her daughter that apparently offender classmates. Nei...


Supercalifragilistic-KISS-MY-ASS-adocious! (Oct 26th, 2018)

Just two weeks from the midterm elections and the President has called Stormy Daniels "horseface". Tracy and Kelly talk about Carly Fiorina's recent column calling the statement disrespectful but pointing out that women have bigger problems. Then they stop to enjoy some Worthy Cabernet Sauvignon.

In the new segment, "Google News Button," they talk about Rachel Hundley, a Sonoma, California City Councilwoman who was slut-shamed for her actions as the appointed mayor. Then things get really craz...


Confidently Strong and Comfortably Soft (Oct 19th, 2018)

Should people be pushing societal boundaries or are traditional roles okay? Tracy and Kelly disagree...unsurprisingly. This week's episode is brought to you by googling "sexism" and clicking the "News" tab. That leads to a hilarious conversation about "man size Kleenex" and "The Gentleman's Sandwich".

In politics (and Crazy Shit People Say), Kelly takes issue with North Dakota's GOP Senate candidate Kevin Cramer's characterization of #MeToo is a “movement toward victimization,” and Tracy does ...


Science Says We Have To Be Friends (Oct 12th, 2018)

After a few weeks of the emotional rollercoaster dealing with challenges to women's role in our country's future, Tracy and Kelly spend this episode enjoying being friends, because science.

Did you know that science says women get actual hormonal benefits from their girlfriends, and that women who swear are more loyal and trustworthy? Friends can even make you less likely to catch a cold.
This is one of the happiest, funniest episodes the Dames have ever done. We hope it makes you happy, too!



Men are Scared? Welcome to Our World. (Oct 5th, 2018)

Tracy on the road and, sadly, doesn't get to drink wine with Kelly and Richard. Apparently, coconut milk coffee isn't the same.

The national conversation about Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation has changed from why it's important to believe women who experience sexual assault to why it's important to protect men from false accusers. Seriously, what the fuck?

Tracy points out that just 28% of rape and sexual assault are committed by strangers, so maybe women should stop being so afraid of walking t...


Who stays quiet 35 years? F*cking everyone! (Sep 25th, 2018)

It's all so fucking heavy, so let's start "drinking with the wine"! Maybe not the best wine this time...but one of the best episodes EVER.

The Dames get right into it and agree that Brett Kavanaugh was a complete douchebag when he got drunk as a teenager, and spend some time considering how rape culture starts really early in people's lives. Tracy points out that no one asks why men rape, just why women did whatever they did., and wonders whether good men realize how many of their female frien...


Supreme Justice and Yeti Pubes (Sep 21st, 2018)

It's all about Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford but we throw in a little Stormy Daniels tell-all just for fun. Also, more Pinot Noir!

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Sports & Entertainment at 7am (Sep 14th, 2018)

Did Serena Williams lose the U.S. Women's Open Final to Naomi Osaka because of sexism or bad sportsmanship? The Dames do not agree. Does Asshat Leslie Moonves, former CEO of CBS, deserve a $1.2 million severance package? The Dames most certainly agree. Sadly, this was recorded too early in the morning for wine-tasting, so maybe we'll do whiskey shots next week.

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Tracy is a Gemini and Kelly Loves a Bagel (Sep 7th, 2018)

Feels like home, with everyone back in the studio for a hosty good exploration of gendered language, tweets for the ladies, and Louis CK's "comeback". All that and two very different Sauvignon Blancs in this week's cerebral, silly, awesome episode!

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Courage To Run Redux (Aug 31st, 2018)

With Tracy on the road, Kelly spends this episode with Frieda Edgette talking about the Pink Wave and women running for office. Frieda's initiative, the Courage To Run race in D.C. and across the country, is the nation's first nonpartisan run/walk and premiere party celebrating the rising wave of women getting civically active and running for office. If you haven't signed up to participate, do it today! All that and Serena Williams in tutus!

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You Suck, Indiana (Aug 24th, 2018)

The Dames welcome the amazing Domonique James, founder of Politics With Purpose and board member of College to Congress, to drink chewy red wine and talk about how sexism impacts women's lives even when they don't necessarily see it. They dig into a new economic study that suggests attitudes toward a woman where she grows up have a lasting impact on how financially successful she as an adult.

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