Polymaticast 52 – Social media disconnect (Dec 16th, 2018)


This episode we discuss Tumblr’s impending doom, and the disconnect certain social media providers have with their user base. We also discuss Alan’s purchase of a Nintendo Switch.

Topic link:

john | Verge about the Tumblr situation | https://polymatic.link/ot

Fun stuff

john | Finding Fukue | https://polymatic.link/op

alan | Hype Train! | https://polymatic.link/or

john | Glove and boots are back | https://polymatic.link/ou

john | Virgin Galactic to the edge of space | https://polymatic.link/oq


alan | “Tragic” – Jillian Jacqueline | https://polymatic.link/os


john | REAMDE (Neal Stephenson) | https://polymatic.link/ov

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