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The Polymaticast is the official podcast of Polymatic.media. The podcast is focussed on a plethora of subjects. Where "poly" is the many part and matic is our "making" and "development" backgrounds. You can expect interesting discussions between the hosts Alan Chaess and John Bakker about things like Space travel, Cord cutting ,Making , Art and plenty of other subjects. We try to have on guests as often as possible to give us some insights into subject matter we can't cover ourselves.



Polymaticast 46 – Optimizing Pancake Productivity (Sep 9th, 2018)

This episode Alan and John discuss productivity software (with an emphasis on OmniFocus) and optimizing the recipe for pancakes 😀

You can find all these links on https://polymatic.link/show46

The video version you can find here : https://youtu.be/2iDbndvD094

Fun stuff

john | Bad astronomer – Whistlers | https://polymatic.link/ly

john | Bad astronomer – ESA Swarm satellites see Earth’s air puff up in a solar storm | https://polymatic.link/lz

alan | Audi’s PB 18 E-Tron | https://polymatic.link/m7

alan ...


Polymaticast 45 Post or Pre Vacation (Aug 26th, 2018)

This week Alan drops his phone and John preps for his time off.

All the links for this episode can be found at https://polymatic.link/show45

john | Dutch people - Brutally honest | https://polymatic.link/l9
alan | How Toyota Changed The Way We Make Things | https://polymatic.link/ll
john | This guy has too much lego | https://polymatic.link/la
alan | Imogen Heap’s and TheWaveVR | https://polymatic.link/lm
john | Overwatch - D.va animated short | https://polymatic.link/lb
alan | The Katering Show – ...


Polymaticast 44 🔥🔥🔥 #lit 🔥🔥🔥 (Jul 29th, 2018)

This week we discuss the world being literally on fire, photographing the bloodmoon eclipse thingamajig through clouds with inadequate materials and go on a tangent about buying lenses and camera bodies.

Links for this episode :


Twitter: Alan http://twitter.com/chaess

Twitter: John http://twitter.com/webdevvie

For feedback: podcast@polymatic.media

Music by Sahy Uhns (CC-BY). Which you can find at https://polymatic.link/ek

Twitter polymatic: http://twitter.com/thepolymat...

Polymaticast 43 – Forking Ono (Jul 15th, 2018)

We discuss the ono 3d printer drama going on. And John’s fear that he’ll never get the printer 😀

Main topic


john | Ono kickstarter | https://polymatic.link/kl

john | Ono Startengine campaign | https://polymatic.link/km

john | Maker’s muse discusses QA problems | https://polymatic.link/kn

john | Webdevvie EPP | https://polymatic.link/ko

john | Webdevvie pakket | https://polymatic.link/kp

Fun stuff


john | Nuclear test videos | https://polymatic.link/k8

alan | What ...


Polymaticast 42 – Finish those wasps! (Jul 1st, 2018)

This episode Alan and John discuss Alan’s wasp annoyance and the inability to finish projects.

john | Movie night with a physicist | https://polymatic.link/jt

alan | Catvertising | https://polymatic.link/jx

john | Expanse Cas Anvar S3 Double Up Day | https://polymatic.link/ju

alan | Mortal Engines | https://polymatic.link/jy

john | Captain disillusion is back 😀 | https://polymatic.link/jv

alan | Alexa Smart Mirror | https://polymatic.link/jz

alan | SpaceX Rockets | https://polymatic.link/k0

alan | Waw...


Polymaticast 41 – Home servers (Jun 17th, 2018)

This week Alan and John discuss silencing a home server and buying the wrong ram.

All links can also be found at https://polymatic.link/show41

john | Ink cartridges are a scam | https://polymatic.link/j5

alan | Building an Enigma Machine | https://polymatic.link/jd

john | Linus Tech tips: sub $50 mic roundup | https://polymatic.link/j6

alan | Making a Burrito is tricky | https://polymatic.link/je

john | Silencing a R210 server | https://polymatic.link/j7

alan | Hello World: The Rise of AI | https://...


Polymaticast 40 – What is threatening the internet now (Jun 3rd, 2018)

This week we discuss John’s new Factorio addiction, Alan’s project without telling you what it is. And what is threatening the internet now….

All links can also be found at :


Main topic


john | EFF about upload filtering and link tax | https://polymatic.link/iq

Fun stuff


alan | Using geothermal to grow oranges in snow | https://polymatic.link/ir

john | Procreate tips | https://polymatic.link/ih

alan | Dad Jokes with Teal’c | https:/...


Polymaticast 39 – The cancellening of Laurel and Yanny (May 20th, 2018)

This week we discuss the cancelling of the expanse, and the obsession with Laurel & Yanny

All the links are on :


Fun stuff

john | Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin Insult Each Other | https://polymatic.link/i2

alan | Zhiyun Smooth 4 | https://polymatic.link/i7

john | “I am that guy” – Amos | https://polymatic.link/i3

alan | Fortnite Reloaded | https://polymatic.link/i8

john | Mova globe, I want one of those | https://polymatic.link/i4

alan | Space X and TED | https://poly...


Polymaticast #38 – John’s “Goldblatter” got stolen by the doctors :D (May 6th, 2018)

This week we discuss how John is an idiot for not going to the doctor and had his “Goldblatter” stolen by the doctors for his stupidity. Well as the release of the new .APP TLD and the ideas we have for it. John shortly reviews his use of the iPad 2018 with Apple pencil.

All links in this episode can be found on https://polymatic.link/show38

Fun stuff

john | Edgar Allen Poe pipe | https://polymatic.link/hn

alan | Will Smith, Skydiving and Fear | https://polymatic.link/hr

john | Real Doctor Reacts ...


Polymaticast #37 Getting secure with certificates (Apr 15th, 2018)

This week we talk about (ssl) certificates


john | How to make a CSR & more | https://polymatic.link/hg

john | Computerphile Elliptic curve | https://polymatic.link/hh

Fun stuff

john | How Diverging Diamonds Keep You From Dying | https://polymatic.link/h3

alan | 8-bit F.R.I.E.N.D.S. | https://polymatic.link/ha

john | Spoxel AKA Alan loses more time | https://polymatic.link/h4

alan | Ready Player One: Easter Eggs | https://polymatic.link/hb

john | Dolphins in minecraft | https://polymat...


Polymaticast #36 Ready Player One *spoilers* (Apr 1st, 2018)

Main topic

Ready player one.

john | Shortner documentation | https://polymatic.link/gz

john | PHP package for shortner | https://polymatic.link/h1

Fun stuff

john | Art3mis & Parzival | https://polymatic.link/gv

alan | The Hong Kong Tram – by Brandon Li | https://polymatic.link/gw

john | Glitter printer | https://polymatic.link/gs

alan | Bean 25 day time-lapse – soil cross section | https://polymatic.link/gx

john | Bob iOSS | https://polymatic.link/gt

alan | NSynth Super by Google | https://polymati...


Polymaticast #35 Flipping scammers (Mar 18th, 2018)

Fun stuff

john | you’ve got crabs | https://polymatic.link/fq

alan | alan | Captain Disimpressions | https://polymatic.link/ga

john | Rubber band gun with clips | https://polymatic.link/g4

alan | Decoding CPU #’s | https://polymatic.link/gb

john | Only Slightly Exaggerated | https://polymatic.link/g7

alan | The 100 Season 5 Trailer | https://polymatic.link/gc

john | Song in the sky – Animation | https://polymatic.link/g5

alan | The Most Elusive Man | https://polymatic.link/gd

john | Mr Boom is up to n...


Polymaticast #34 Muskwatch 2018 (Feb 18th, 2018)

This episode we discuss Star trek:Discovery season 1, the falcon heavy launch and many other cool things.

All links in this episode can be found at http://polymatic.link/show34

Fun stuff

john | Rich Photographer vs Poor Photographer | https://polymatic.link/fa

alan | Boring Flamethrower | https://polymatic.link/fe

john | How does spaceX get these amazing shots | https://polymatic.link/f8

alan | Too Cute to be ignored | https://polymatic.link/ff

john | I kill giants | https://polymatic.link/f9

alan | ...


Polymaticast #33 The story of Shortner (Feb 4th, 2018)

This week we discuss the origins of Shortner and the new version that just went live.

All mentioned links can be found at


Fun stuff:

John | Martian city builder | http://polymatic.link/ep

Alan | Staxel | http://polymatic.link/eu

John | Zelda BTOW development | https://polymatic.link/f0

Alan | Are you… whaaat? | http://polymatic.link/eq

John | Should you wear a facemask | https://polymatic.link/ez

Alan | Metal on Wax | http://polymatic.link/er

John | Why adding extra silver...


Polymaticast #32 Apocalypses (Jan 21st, 2018)

This week we discuss how everything seems to be turned into the next apocalypse.

We mainly discuss the adpocalypse and other things that seem to cause outrage.

Alan | Radiorama | http://polymatic.link/ef

John | Janna Breslin VS Raccoon | http://polymatic.link/e9

Alan | 21 Strangest Movie Translations in Japanese | http://polymatic.link/eg

John | One card to rule them all. And in darkness bind them | http://polymatic.link/ea

Alan | The Ultimate Paper Airplane | http://polymatic.link/eh

John | Your ar...


Polymaticast #31 Kernel panicking our way to improvement (Jan 7th, 2018)

Alan and John catch up after the holidays and discuss the problem with meltdown, spectre and using new self improvement apps like Streak.


Computerphile explains Meltdown & Spectre http://polymatic.link/dx

Breaking the x86 instruction set: http://polymatic.link/e7

Streak: http://polymatic.link/e5

Fun stuff

Alan | Shape Shifting | http://polymatic.link/e2

John | Kizuna AI -Everybody | http://polymatic.link/dv

Alan | Hidden History | http://polymatic.link/e3

John | It was not a UFO Scott M...


Polymaticast #30 The Giftening! (Dec 10th, 2017)

This episode we discuss getting holiday gifts for friends and family and our strategies for finding out what they like. Also Alan gets a package and John finds out about public wish-lists on Amazon.


Discussed: http://floris.cc http://www.thinkgeek.com https://www.jbox.com/

John| Mind field Season 2 | http://polymatic.link/da

Alan | Technicolor | http://polymatic.link/df

John | Extractin urea – NileRed | http://polymatic.link/dq

Alan | Content | http://polymatic.link/dg

John | Ballad of the ca...


Polymaticast #29 – Domain lifecycle (Nov 26th, 2017)

This episode we discuss the lifecycle of domain names.

Links in this episode:

Alan | The ART of LOVE | http://polymatic.link/cx

John| Amazon vs reality | http://polymatic.link/d0

Alan | Convos With My 2 Year Old | http://polymatic.link/cu

John | Erin’s animals builds a hamster habitat| http://polymatic.link/d2

Alan | Anime Crimes Division | http://polymatic.link/cv

John | Building a fantastic aquarium | http://polymatic.link/d3

Alan | Wet on Wet | http://polymatic.link/cw

John | The hamster compound |...


Polymaticast #28 – Polimatic topics (Nov 12th, 2017)

This episode we discuss a number of topics. Such as getting the Runs (from Jaybird ;)) and participating in a hackathon.

Other topic links:

Daniel Pink | http://polymatic.link/co

Ctrl paint | http://polymatic.link/cp

Gource | http://polymatic.link/cq

Jaybird RUN(s) | http://polymatic.link/cr

Rescam | http://polymatic.link/cn


Fun stuff

John | “noise canceling” tech tested by electroboom | http://polymatic.link/cb

Alan | I’m you… (NSFW) | http://polymatic.link/cg

John | CGP Grey : Questionable choices |...


Polymaticast Episode #27 – Halloweeeeeeen (Oct 29th, 2017)

This episode we talk about Halloween and the Netherlands being infected with the spoopies. We also discuss redoing some coding on our own projects.

The links

Alan | The Musical Road | http://polymatic.link/c1

John | The universe shouldn’t exist | http://polymatic.link/by

Alan | The Universe in 4 Minutes | http://polymatic.link/c2

John | Anime….. | http://polymatic.link/bz

Alan | Justice League | http://polymatic.link/c3

John | Marble races | http://polymatic.link/c0

Alan | Papyrus | http://polymatic....