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We're documenting what golf science is and how it’s actually making a difference in the way golf is taught, learned, and practiced.

There is far too much “mythology” involved in golf.
Most of it has no validity based on research or what’s ACTUALLY going on.

We’re talking about all aspects of golf science. So you can learn what’s really going on in an entertaining way and get better results in your game by going to the source.



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Why We Need a Revolution in Golf Practice - Roundtable Discussion (Nov 16th, 2018)

We’re going to cover a lot of the myths and misconceptions about golf practice in this roundtable episode with Peter Arnott, Ed Coughlan, and Olly Logan.

Gravity Fit


Quick Questions w/ Clay Ballard (Nov 13th, 2018)

Last week's podcast guest Clay Ballard of Top Speed Golf joins us for a few quick questions so we can get to know him a little better.


Solid concepts to test if you want MORE Distance w/ Clay Ballard (Nov 8th, 2018)

Today we’re talking through one golf instructors concepts to explore if you want to increase distance and gain club head speed. Clay Ballard of Top Speed Golf joins us on the show to discuss this topic of gaining distance.


Zack Sucher talks through how he made it on the PGA tour (Oct 26th, 2018)

Join in on this conversation with Zack Sucher (PGA tour player) his coach Tony Ruggiero, Mark Wood, and others as we talk about his journey to the tour and now his journey back after surgery and extended time away from the game.


What does it take to go from the to the PGA tour w/ Michael Johnson (Oct 18th, 2018)

What does it take to make it to the WEB.COM tour? And then how do you get from the WEB.COM to the PGA tour? We sit down and talk about the journey to better with current WEB.COM player Michael Johnson, and his coach Tony Ruggiero, along with Wayne Flint and Mark Wood.


Quick Questions with Dr Mark Guadagnoli (Oct 9th, 2018)

After his awesome episode on learning and growth we sit down with Dr Mark Guadagnoli to learn a little more about him.


The real reason GETTING BETTER is so difficult w/ Dr Mark Guadagnoli (Oct 5th, 2018)

The real reason GETTING BETTER is so difficult w/ Dr Mark Guadagnoli by Golf Science Lab


Quick Questions w/ Dr Greg Cartin (Sep 25th, 2018)

Last week we had on Dr Greg Cartin to talk about myths of the mental game. Listen to that here


5 Golf Mental Game Cliches to FORGET w/ Dr Greg Cartin (Sep 21st, 2018)

There are a lot of mental game cliches we repeat without much reflection or evaluation.  Today we're tackling a few of those with Dr Greg Cartin and giving you 3 keys to take with you to the course.


Why you might want to change your PUTTER SHAFT w/ Barney Adams (Sep 14th, 2018)

We sit down with Barney Adams to talk about the new putter shaft from Breakthrough Golf Technology.


Quick Questions w/ David Orr (Sep 11th, 2018)

We sit down with David Orr and ask him our set of quick questions.


You need to change your beliefs about putting… Here’s the research and application you need to know. (Sep 6th, 2018)

We tackle common putting contradictions like "straight back and straight thru" "pendulum" "lock the wrists" and give you a game-plan to improve your putting.


Quick Questions w/ Paul Wood (Sep 4th, 2018)

This past weeks podcast guest, Paul Wood answers a few questions about his own golf game and experiences.


Ping’s VP of engineering explains common club design myths (Aug 31st, 2018)

We talk through common golf club design myths of drivers, irons, and putters with Ping's VP of Engineering Paul Wood.


New research shows best way to practice on the driving range w/ Dr Nicky Lumb (Aug 17th, 2018)

Listen in to learn about some awesome new research in the field of practice and learning conducted by Dr Nicky Lumb. You'll learn how to maximize your time spent on the range and get some simple practical concepts to improve your practice.


The Latest in Golf Research - WSCG 2018 recap (Aug 9th, 2018)

On this podcast we recap some of the latest interesting research that's taking place and recap the 2018 World Scientific Congress of golf.


Quick Questions w/ Tony Ruggiero (Aug 8th, 2018)

This past weeks podcast guest, Tony Ruggiero answers a few questions about his own golf game and experiences.

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The little known realities of teaching a PGA TOUR player w/ Tony Ruggiero (Aug 3rd, 2018)

What does an instructor that works with players on the PGA tour actually do? That's what we're talking about today with Tony Ruggiero, diving into everything from what they do on a tournament to the work they put in during the off season and off weeks.


Quick Questions w/ Sam Bettinardi (Jul 31st, 2018)

This past weeks podcast guest, Sam Bettinardi answers a few questions about his own golf game and experiences.


Bettinardi talks putter design and myths (Jul 26th, 2018)

We talk with Sam Bettinardi about common putter myths he hears and the truth you need to know.

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