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"'A podcast about the internet' that is actually an unfailingly original exploration of modern life and how to survive it." - The Guardian. Hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, from Gimlet.



#126 Alex Jones Dramageddon (Sep 13th, 2018)

We're back this week with a Yes Yes No. Alex takes PJ and Alex Blumberg through Alex Jones's visit to the Senate. And producer Anna Foley helps us unpack the scandal that's engulfed Beauty YouTube.

Alex Jones tweet
Beautube tweet


#102 Long Distance Parts 1 & 2 (Aug 30th, 2018)

A telephone scammer makes a terrible mistake. He calls Alex Goldman.   

This episode originally aired in July of 2017. 


#104 The Case of the Phantom Caller (Aug 23rd, 2018)

A woman in New Jersey is getting strange phone calls to her office from unknown numbers. Every time she picks up, she finds herself eavesdropping on the life of a different stranger. Unsure what else to do, she calls in Super Tech Support. 

This episode originally aired in September of 2017. 


#83 Voyage Into Pizzagate (Aug 16th, 2018)

A conspiracy theory, a pizza related map, and a website fighting for its very soul. 

This episode originally aired in December of 2016.


#97 What Kind Of Idiot Gets Phished? (Aug 9th, 2018)

This week, Phia wonders what kind of person falls for phishing attacks. Is it only insanely gullible luddites, or can smart, tech savvy people get phished, too? To find out, she conducts an experiment on her poor, unsuspecting coworkers.

This episode first aired in May of 2017. 


#125 All My Pets (Jul 26th, 2018)

Taylor Nicole Dean was a self-described shut-in, a teenager who lived in her parent's home, surrounded by exotic pets. And then she started making videos on YouTube.

Taylor's Youtube Channel
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#124 The Magic Store (Jul 13th, 2018)

Sruthi asks a question “why does it seem like Amazon has suddenly gotten a lot sketchier?“ Alex investigates.
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Announcement: Reply All Call-In! (Jun 25th, 2018)

A couple months ago, Buzzfeed writer Katie Notopoulos tweeted the following question: What was “the incident” in your high school? The story so notorious that everyone still talks about it to this day?
The tweet produced a thread that was so hilarious and off the wall, it had us wondering what kind of answers would we get if we put this question to our audience. So On Wednesday, June 27th, from @ 3:30-6:00PM EST, we will be taking calls with Katie Notopoulos. Call in and share yours. Our numbe...


#123 An Ad for the Worst Day of Your Life (Jun 21st, 2018)

Matt’s wife died a decade ago. Now, everywhere he goes on the internet, he can’t escape advertisements for clickbait sites with her picture on it. This week, Super Tech Support tries to help out.

Matt's non-profit, the Liz Logelin Foundation


#122 The QAnon Code ⚡️⚡️ (Jun 7th, 2018)

This week, to celebrate Alex Goldman’s return from paternity leave, a Yes Yes No extravaganza. Alex takes PJ and Alex Blumberg through the internet’s most encompassing conspiracy theory to date, and then Gene Demby joins us to help unpack a very different kind of conspiracy.

Paris Martineau's Qanon explainer in New York Magazine
Paris Martineau's Reporting on Roseanne and QAnon for The Outline
Ben Detrick on Bryan Colangelo
The Yes Yes No Blog


#79 Boy in Photo [Rebroadcast] (May 31st, 2018)

Who was Wayne?


#120 INVCEL (May 10th, 2018)

How a shy, queer Canadian woman accidentally invented one of the internet’s most toxic male communities.


Introducing The Habitat (Apr 26th, 2018)

Today we bring you the first episode of Gimlet’s new show “The Habitat.”  The true story of six volunteers picked to live on a fake planet.


#119 No More Safe Harbor (Apr 20th, 2018)

Last month, the government shut down, a site where people advertised sex with children. We talk to a group of people who say that was a huge mistake.

Trigger warning: sexual assault.


#118 A Pirate In Search of a Judge (Mar 15th, 2018)

One day, Cayden received an email from their internet provider that said "stop pirating TV shows or we'll cut off your internet!" Cayden had no idea what they were talking about. So Alex decided to investigate.

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Vulture's recap of "Old Loves" (Girls Season 5, Episode 4)


#117 The World's Most Expensive Free Watch (Mar 1st, 2018)

This week, the story of a man who made the extremely dubious decision to order a watch that he found in an Instagram ad. We explore the strange world that watch came from.

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Jenny ODell's "There's No Such Thing As A Free Watch"
Alexis Madrigal's dropshipping article
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#116 Trust the Process (Feb 15th, 2018)

This week, we meet a dominatrix who dominates computers, instead of just people. Plus, the story of a man who hatches a plot to destroy a beloved NBA team, using the best advantage he has — the fact that he’s their general manager.

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#42 Blindspot [Rebroadcast] (Feb 8th, 2018)

Hope is a photographer. One day her body begins to betray her. It starts with her eyes. This is a rebroadcast of a story, which was first released in October 2015.

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Lisa Sanders' book, Every Patient Tells a Story.
Lisa Sanders' column, Diagnosis


#115 The Bitcoin Hunter (Jan 25th, 2018)

Writer Jia Tolentino has a new case for Super Tech Support: where are all those bitcoin she bought six years ago?

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