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Learn how you can gain the Unwavering Attitude and Time Tested Tools you need to BUILD a SUCCESSFUL LIFESTYLE BUSINESS that can get you the FINANCIAL FREEDOM you deserve! In this business podcast I pick the brains of successful entrepreneurs to find out what they did to get to where they are today.



120: My Book – The Self Help Addict (Jan 15th, 2018)

Today is a special day for 2 reasons:

* It's my firstborn son's  birthday

* It's the day my book is finally released

In this solo episode I read out the introduction to my new book 'The Self Help Addict'


* How self doubt, procrastination and indecision create a cycle of self-help addiction

*  Why people invest in self-help books, courses, events  and come out still feeling unaccomplished 

*  How you can make your fears your friend  and achieve anything your heart desires

*  The importan...


119: 5 Things I Do To Achieve My Goals with Daniel Gefen (Jan 4th, 2018)

In this solo episode I talk about the 5 keys that helped me achieve my goals in 2017:

* Taking major action

* Accountability

* Building a network

* Personal Branding

* Focus


Enjoy the show!

Daniel's #1 practical advice:

Resources & Links:

Launch Your Podcast

The Self Help Addict (My book)

Gefen Media Group (My company)


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118: Why You Should Start a Podcast with Daniel Gefen (Dec 21st, 2017)

In this solo episode I talk about

* Why you should start your own podcast

* How my podcast has changed my life

* How having a podcast will help you build your network

* How a podcast will get you more clients

* Why podcasting is the number one way to market your business

* How you can land major speaking gigs with a podcast

* How having a podcast will get you major brand exposure

Enjoy the show!

Daniel's #1 practical advice:

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Launch Your Podcast

The Self Help Addict (M...


117: The Mystery of Consciousness with Jack Pransky (Dec 14th, 2017)

Did you know that we have up to 50,000 thoughts a day. Which ones should we listen to and which should we ignore?

My guest today is the author of the groundbreaking book ‘Seduced By Consciousness’

DR Jack Pransky is a leading expert on The 3 Principles - A revolutionary discovery of how we think based on Inside-Out Understanding.

He is also the author of several other books including: Prevention from the inside out, What is a thought?, What is Wisdom? and Somebody Should have told us!

As always I...


116: Dealing with the Voices in my Head with Daniel Gefen (Nov 30th, 2017)

I cancelled my guest today.


Because i'm knee deep in writing my book and needed to make it a priority.

In this solo episode I talk about

* Why I wrote a book for my son

* Dealing with the voices in my head

* How the first 5 years of my marriage was a mess (my wife was perfect)

* How I handle procrastination and perfectionism

* How looking forward is more important than looking back

* How I booked myself on 60 podcast shows

Enjoy the show!

Daniel's #1 practical advice:

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The Self...


115: How to Become the Most Connected Person in the Room with Jayson Gaignard (Nov 23rd, 2017)

My guest today went from making 7 million dollars a year in sales to being quarter of a million dollars in debt but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams!

Jayson Gaignard is today known as one of the most connected guys on the planet.

His invitation only mastermindtalks conference has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard and speakers have included Tim Ferriss, James Altucher, Guy Kawasaki and Gary Vaynerchuk to name a few.


He’s also an author and host of the mastermind talks podcast sho...


114: Breaking My Self-Help Addiction with Daniel Gefen and Henry Lopez (Nov 16th, 2017)

I was hung up and beaten in school.

It should have broken me but instead it built me.

I recently appeared The How of Business Show with Henry Lopez and I shared things

about myself I have never shared publicly before.


What we discussed:

* How I got beaten in school

* How I get out of periods of depression

* How I went from being bullied to building confidence

* Why I don't let my children say certain words

* Why I hate when people make excuses

* Being pregnant with my book

* What I have l...


113: How to Master the Art of Sales with Eric Lofholm (Nov 7th, 2017)


My guest today has mastered the art and science of selling. In fact he has been named ONE OF THE TOP SALES TRAINERS IN THE WORLD

Over the past two decades Eric Lofholm has helped generate nearly half a Billion Dollars in revenue, has taught over 10,000 students to drastically improve their sales skills and has given over 1500 presentations in companies including:

Microsoft, CitiCorp, Lexus, The World Financial Group and The U.S. Army among many many others.

He’s a serial author and has been end...


112: From The Pits of Hell To The Peaks of Heaven with Tofe Evans (Nov 2nd, 2017)


My guest today is known as a Thought Leader and Endurance Athlete.

but most of all just plain crazy

He’s one of only 100 people in the world to have run a 60km Ultramarathon on Mt Everest

He’s Endured a 24hr Run totalling 162km

Walked 100km while carrying 25L of water on his shoulders

Ran 132K lasting 24 hours on a treadmill

Completed a 12hr swim

And these are just some of the 40 endurance events he has achieved in just 1 year


But what’s most impressive is that he does it all to raise money for cha...


111: Urinating, Hitler and The Power of Persuasion with Jordan Harbinger (Sep 19th, 2017)

What has Urinating, Adolf Hitler and the Power of Persuasion have in common?

Today I had the pleasure of picking the brain of Jordan Harbinger from The Art of Charm

This was definitely one of my most entertaining episodes!


Jordan Harbinger is the owner and co-founder of The Art of Charm, a consulting & coaching company – as well as a top 50 podcast show on iTunes.

His show has amassed over 3.8 million downloads per month and he has interviewed over 700 world class performers including Tony H...


110: 5X Emmy Award Winner: Master the Art of StorySelling with Nick Nanton (Sep 14th, 2017)

Today I have the honor and pleasure of picking the brain of The world's leading Personal Branding Expert. Nick Nanton.

Ok you ready for a list of insane achievements? Here goes.

5 time Emmy Award Winning Director

Nominated 14 times

Award Winning Songwriter

Author of over 2 dozen best-Selling books

Produced over 50 documentaries

International speaker

CEO of DNA Media with a portfolio of companies including The Dicks + Nanton Agency (an international agency with more than 3000 clients in 36 countries),...


109: How to Capture Your Dream Clients by Giving Gifts with John Ruhlin (Sep 12th, 2017)

My guest today spent $7,000 buying out all the clothes in a Brooks Brothers store and gave it all to a potential client.

That crazy gamble paid off BIG TIME!

He went from being an Ohio farm boy to becoming the greatest seller in Cutco’s 68 year history out of 1.5 million other reps and distributors!


By mastering the art and science of giving gifts.

John Ruhlen is the author of the transformational book titled ‘Giftology, the art and science of using gifts to cut through the noise, increase re...


108: How Childhood Vulnerability Led to Adult Success with Daniel Gefen and Joshua Spodek (Sep 5th, 2017)


I recently appeared on Joshua Spodek's podcast show and he asked me questions I have never been asked before.

He dug deep.

Very deep.

I was very vulnerable and shared things I have never shared before (including the nicknames my high school bullies called me)

It was such a great conversation that I felt compelled to include this as an episode on my show.

So here it is ...

What we discussed:

* How I rebuilt my self esteem

* Why I never prepare for a speech or a show

* Why I don't think most things ar...


107: The Secret Recipe for Going Viral with Brian Wallace (Aug 31st, 2017)


What makes a post go viral?

I have been trying to figure it out for a while.

So when I saw my friend's post hit almost a million views in less than a week I decided to jump on a call with him.

That call led to me reverse engineer his post and we discovered some incredible patterns.

Brian Wallace has become a market leader in his industry by following this formula.

Follow this formula and you will never have to sell anything again.


What you will learn:

* How to create a viral post

* How to turn ...


106: How to Think and Grow Rich with Brandon T Adams (Aug 29th, 2017)

I would say one of the best books I have ever read was Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill.

It was completely life transformational and I often go back to it to 'sharpen the saw' and always discover new golden nuggets.

When I found out that there was going to be a movie based on the book I was thrilled and today I have the pleasure of picking the brain of one of the people featured in the upcoming film.

Brandon T Adams was recently listed as one of 7 Millennial Influencers to Follow in 2018 by ...


105: The System I used to Generate $20 Million on Linkedin with Dennis Brown (Aug 24th, 2017)

My guest today has generated over 20 million dollars through Linkedin!

Yeah you heard that right … Linkedin.

Now, most of you probably have a Linkedin account but like me haven’t been active on it for a while or you have been but are not getting many leads.

Well he’s here to show you how to turn on the lead gen tap and generate more leads than you know what to do with.

Dennis Brown has built 3 multi million dollar businesses in 3 different industries. One of which has been listed on

Inc. 500 faste...


104: Drugs Demons & Deals: Canada’s Top Angel Investor with Dan Martell (Aug 22nd, 2017)

My guest today was removed from his home at the age of 11.

After getting kicked out of his foster home he was sent to a group home where he was introduced to drugs at the age of 13.

He stole a car whilst drunk and high and almost got into a gun fight with the cops.

He ended up in Jail and that would have been the end of the story …

Except someone believed in him.

That spark of belief turned his life around and Dan Martell

went on to build 5 technology companies, hired over 500 people, raised millio...


103: How to Handle Down Days with Daniel Gefen (Aug 17th, 2017)


I was having a down day today and then my guest cancelled on me last minute.

So. I decided to use this as an opportunity to share with you how I handle having a down day.

You probably only see all the 'good stuff' in my life. You see me as the energetic happy go lucky productive entrepreneur.

But that's because you only see a snapshot of my life. I only show you the 'good bits'.

In this solo episode I decided to share some of my 'not so good bits' like ...

How I got bullied in high school

How I re...


102: The 7 Ingredients of Becoming a Billionaire with Jeff Hoffman (Aug 16th, 2017)

Today I am super excited to have my first Billionaire guest on my show.

The truth is that while I was preparing for this interview I asked myself the following question ...what separates a Billionaire from a Millionaire?

In fact once i’m asking that question I ask myself ‘What separates a Millionaire from someone struggling to pay the rent?’

Is it luck? Is it connections? Is it skill? Is it IQ? Is it raw determination and passion or is it something else?

Well... who better to ask than someone ...


101: How I Made $75,000 from a Facebook Post with Joseph Lazukin (Aug 10th, 2017)

This is the first ever part 2 of an episode!

My interview with Joseph Lazukin in episode 92 was so good that it went on for 2 hours!

I had to cut it into 2 episodes so here is the second part

If you want to listen to part 1 where we talk about going up into space then head over to

What you will learn:

* How Joseph made $75,000 off one FB post

* Why Joseph deleted 3000 friends on Facebook

* How one guy make a million dollars from a garbage heap

* How to get your p...