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Learn how you can gain the Unwavering Attitude and Time Tested Tools you need to BUILD a SUCCESSFUL LIFESTYLE BUSINESS that can get you the FINANCIAL FREEDOM you deserve! In this business podcast I pick the brains of successful entrepreneurs to find out what they did to get to where they are today.



78: 90,000 Burpees: Becoming a Super Achiever by Mastering Consistency with Joshua Spodek (Apr 27th, 2017)

My guest today is probably one of the most accomplished and consistent individuals I have had the pleasure to meet.

Joshua Spodek holds five Ivy-League degrees, including a PhD in Astrophysics and an MBA from Columbia University, has finished six marathons, holds six patents, has co-founded several education ventures, competed at the World and National level of Ultimate Frisbee, including playing at the first Ultimate Tournament in North Korea, swam across the Hudson River, has done over 90,0...


77: Secret Sales Tactics from the Military with Wes Schaeffer (Apr 25th, 2017)

My guest today spent 9 years in the Air Force and took his dedication into the business world.

He went from serving his country by protecting them from the enemy to protecting business owners from going broke.

Wes Schaeffer is best known as the ‘Sales Whisperer’. Which may sound a little cheesy but he’ll explain what the name means later in the show.

If you are struggling to get MORE leads, close MORE deals and take home MORE cash then you are in good hands.

Wes has received many awards including...


76: How to Get Anything Done by Creating ‘Emergencies’ with Meir Ezra (Apr 19th, 2017)


My guest today was born with his 2 feet pointing backwards.

The doctor said he would never be able to walk … well he proved that doctor wrong and became a high-ranking submarine diver in the Israeli navy. Chosen among 4000 applicants of which only 21 made the cut!

Whilst he was physically at a disadvantage he had something more effective. Mental toughness and the belief that he could achieve anything he desired.

Meir Ezra made his first 100 million dollars when he was just 31 years old!

He is th...


75: The Rise, Fall & Return of James Arthur Ray with James Arthur Ray (Apr 6th, 2017)


When I prepared for this interview today I had tears in my eyes and found myself getting very emotional.

My guest today has a shocking story that begins with a rising star. At one point James Arthur Ray was considered to be one of the top 10 Self Help Motivational Speakers in the world. Although he would shudder at the mention of it because he doesn’t like those descriptions.

He has helped hundreds of thousands of people and companies, from 143 different countries around the world,

His company ...


74: Mastering the Mind, Money & Making an Impact with Tom Bilyeu (Apr 3rd, 2017)


Today is the day that I get to pick the brain of one of my biggest inspirations.

Tom Bileu is the Co-founder of Quest Nutrition which is saving lives one health bar at a time. It was the second fastest growing company in 2014 which grew by 57,000% in year 3 and was valued at over a billion dollars within just 5 years!

Tom is also the founder and host of Impact Theory where he follows his guests down their personal rabbit hole to explore the mindsets of the world’s highest achievers and discove...


73: Dead for 90 mins: What I Learned From Dying with Cherie Aimee (Mar 30th, 2017)

My guest today died 6 years ago.

How’s that for an intro….

Well it’s true.

She flatlined in her husband's arms.

Doctors couldn't resuscitate her for over 90-minutes and it took a massive team of over 100 doctors and surgeons from around the world and $3 million dollars to save her life, as she

shattered medical records globally.

Cherie Aimee spent 4 and half years as a pioneer patient implanted with the latest in bio-medical technology, a device known as an LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device) oth...


72: Building a Billion Dollar Company with Mark Organ (Mar 27th, 2017)


Have you ever been close to filing bankruptcy?

My guest today almost filed 4 times and then grew his company which sold to Oracle for a whopping 871 Million Dollars!

Mark Organ is today the founder and CEO of Influitive, a powerful platform that could help you gain massive increases in referrals, create better communication with your clients, have immediate access to references, get your content on steroids and much more!

Mark first revolutionized B2B marketing as the founding CEO of Eloqua , ...


71: How to Build an Empire by Letting Go with Eric Casaburi (Mar 20th, 2017)


Today I have the pleasure and honor of picking the brain of a man that not only has a massive bank balance, but a massive heart to match it.

Starting at humble beginings, working at a local gym at the age of 13, Eric Casaburi is today the owner of Retro Fitness, which currently has over one hundred and fifty clubs serving over 500,000 members across seventeen states and does over $150 MILLION in annual revenue

He’s also the founder and CEO of Fierce Brands and author of ‘Just Make Money: the E...


70: Transactional to Transformational with Yanik Silver (Mar 20th, 2017)


My guest today has built, not one, but eight 7-figure products and has been named one of the top internet marketers in the world.

Yanik Silver is one of those guys that seems to manage to do more in a week than most people do in a lifetime.

Among many of the projects he has launched he is most famous for creating the Maverick 1000 - a private, invitation-only global network of the top entrepreneurs and industry transformers.

If I mention all the media Yanik has been featured in I won’t have any...


69: The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims (Mar 16th, 2017)

Have you ever wanted to meet Richard Branson on Necker Island or how about take a trip to space. Maybe you thought of diving deep and taking a tour of the Titanic … how about flying a supersonic military jet?

Have you ever fantasized about being James Bond for the day?

Well my guest today can make it happen.

In fact he can pretty much take any fantasy you have and make it a reality … for the right price of course!

Steve Sims is the founder of Bluefish, an exclusive luxury concierge service for th...


68: Rejected to Super Connected: Becoming an Influencer with Jon Levy (Mar 14th, 2017)

Have you ever felt rejected?

Well my guest today went from being the kid in school that nobody wanted to sit next to, to becoming the man that the biggest influencers and celebrities want to sit with.

The pain of rejection pushed him on a mission to find out how human beings tick. How they make decisions and why they do what they do.

This fascination led him on crazy adventures, from inviting well known actors and billionaires to dinner; to being crushed by a bull after slapping it on the behind...


67: From Start-Up to Scale-Up with Verne Harnish (Mar 8th, 2017)


There was once a boy who grew up in a wealthy home, but tragedy struck and he watched his father lose his business. He was so affected by it, that deep down inside he decided that he would make it his mission in life to help people never experience such a thing.

At 15 years old he started selling appliances and while he was still in college he helped run a 12 million dollar company.

He then went on to build what is now famously known as the Entrepreneurs Organisation - which is considered to b...


66: How PowToon Scaled to 10 Million Users with Ilya Spitalnik (Mar 6th, 2017)

In 2012, four friends met in a cafe to solve a problem: How can you communicate a message without putting your audience to sleep, or driving them to check Facebook under the table during your presentation? The answer seemed simple - how about one of those great animated videos! But working with an animation studio can take weeks and cost thousands of dollars. And so our four friends decided, right then and there, to create a tool that everyone can use when they need their message to make an i...


65: Why I Walked Away from a Billion Dollar Company with Laura Coe (Mar 2nd, 2017)


I want you close your eyes, (unless you're driving in which case keep them wide open!) and picture yourself sitting on a sandy beach sipping on a cocktail looking out at the perfectly blue peaceful ocean. You are married to the person of your dreams. You have beautiful children. You are in great physical shape. You have just sold your business to a multi Billion dollar fortune 500 company …. and yet … you sit there … feeling empty inside. Something is missing but you don’t know what it is …



64: How to turn your Social Feed into a Cash Machine (Feb 27th, 2017)

Do you ever worry about how much time you waste on social media?

Have you ever heard the expression, ‘Facebook Likes’ don’t pay the bills? Well what if they could?

What if you could turn your social media conversations into real Cash!

Sounds crazy right?

Well my guest today is helping companies do just that with her latest innovation Verifeed. A strategic social intelligence platform that has proven to get you a return on authenticity.

Melinda Wittstock is an award-winning journalist and has been ...


63: Strategies from the world’s Marketing Legend with Jay Abraham (Feb 22nd, 2017)



Today I am truly honored to be picking the Legendary Brain of marketing genius Jay Abraham!

He has been named one of the 'Top 5 Executive Coaches in the country' by Forbes

Stephen Covey has named him one of the greatest business and marketing minds he ever met.

He has mentored and coached some of the greatest in our time including Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Ramit Sethi and Damon John from Shark Tank among many others

He’s made billions of dollars for others and has personally worked with over 1...


62: Laughing Your Shame Away with JP Sears (Feb 16th, 2017)

My guest today is a Mindful Red headed, head band wearing, ultra spiritual, gluten intolerant, meat hating, downward dog loving, self-transformational, coconut oil connoisseur who loves to unconfuse people with his incredibly funny induced wisdom on topics ranging from depression to essential oils.

JP Sears, otherwise known as the new age buddha, is on a mission to unmask the face of the world's biggest problem…. SHAME

We live in a generation that craves raw authenticity but doesn’t quite know ...


61: Why it Doesn’t Matter What People Think of You with Jon Vroman (Feb 14th, 2017)

My guest today lives life in the Front Row.

In fact his mission is to share his front row experience with as many people as time permits.

He has raised over $1,000,000 for his charity “The Front Row Foundation” which helps children and adults with life-threatening illnesses have a front row experience at the concert or sporting event of their dreams.

Life’s too short to live in the backseat and it’s people like Jon Vroman that inspire others who are afraid to stand up tall and go from a spectato...


60: How to connect with Richard Branson, Mike Tyson & Tony Robbins with Anil Gupta (Feb 7th, 2017)


My Guest today is just an ordinary guy who likes to play tennis with Sir Richard Branson, have a good laugh with Mike Tyson and enjoy a good meal on Tony Robbin’s private jet!

But don’t be fooled. This guy was at one point a serious risk to his own life. He was so depressed that he couldn’t eat with a knife in case he use it on his throat and was scared to walk in the street in case he threw himself in front of a car.

Anil Gupta who currently teaches on Richard Branson’s Necker Island about th...


59: How ‘Doing Nothing’ is the Solution to Everything with Damian Mark Smyth (Jan 26th, 2017)


Are you getting the very best out of your life?

Is your business or career exactly where you want it to be?

Do you get anxious and worry about what may or may not happen next?

Do you often struggle with change or find yourself procrastinating?

Do you feel like whatever solutions you come up with to your problems, feels like you’re putting a band-aid on a hemorrhage?!

Well my guest today is here to address those very questions ...

Damian Mark Smyth went from being a slave to his crippling Obsessive...