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Learn how you can gain the Unwavering Attitude and Time Tested Tools you need to BUILD a SUCCESSFUL LIFESTYLE BUSINESS that can get you the FINANCIAL FREEDOM you deserve! In this business podcast I pick the brains of successful entrepreneurs to find out what they did to get to where they are today.



40: 6 Steps to Rapidly Growing Your Network with Daniel Gefen (Aug 17th, 2016)

In this solo episode I talk about the power of networking and share 6 steps to building a successful network.


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39: From Living on Food Stamps to Fortunes with Aaron Janx (Aug 12th, 2016)

My guest today has gone from living on food stamps to living like a rockstar!

Aaron Janx went from working as an errand boy to becoming the top sales guy in a fortune 500 company and then went on to building himself a property investment portfolio and then went broke.

In this episode he talks about how he had lunch with Zig Ziglar, one of the most famous sales trainers of his time, and learnt that attitude is the #1 reason you are rich or poor.

Aaron also shares what it takes to be a super salem...


38: The Wealthiest Homeless Person I Know with Adam Costa (Aug 7th, 2016)

My guest today has lived in 30 countries (he's only 35!)  and only pays rent 3 months out of the year!

Adam Costa is the founder of - an online destination that aims at providing visitors with inspiring content covering topics like Productivity, Health, Growth and Success. The website currently has over 1.5 million visitors per month.

He has advised over 50 companies from startups to fortune 500's and talks about how you can 10x your income. He also shares with us how he manage...


37: Networking with Richard Branson and Lady Gaga with Louie La Vella (Aug 4th, 2016)

Guess who gave Lady Gaga her first ever TV interview? …  I had no idea either until I found out that it was the very man I am going to be brain picking in this episode!

Today I’ll be picking the brain of entertainment branding expert Louie La Vella

Louie was a former music TV host, interviewing hundreds of a-list celebrities and has now become an entertainment branding expert. He’s responsible for turning dead venues into packed venues, slow ticket sales into sold out shows, independent musicia...


36: How to Make Money using Instagram with Sue B Zimmerman (Jul 19th, 2016)

Have you wondered how you can use Instagram to grow your business?

The truth is I had no idea what Instagram was until my wife started taking millions of pictures and doing weird things like adding filters and hashtags to them!

In fact I blame Instagram for stealing my wife from me and my children! However after some time I started using it myself as it seemed like a way to build an audience and gain brand awareness.

In all honesty I’m still very confused and so I thought it would be a great ide...


35: How to turn Handicaps into Opportunities with Nadia Finer (Jul 4th, 2016)

When I asked my guest today how old she was she said "I'm 8"

Nadia Finer has an interesting characteristic that would hold most people back from succeeding in life and business yet she has faced her adversities and isn't afraid to conquer her fears head on.

Her mission through her online membership groups, podcast and one to one coaching is to help women with little voices become proud, confident and successful business owners.

Nadia is the host of a podcast called Little Voices, Big Business.




34: Will Facebook Buy Him Out? with Richard Smullen (Jun 30th, 2016)

My guest today started his first business at the young age of Seven!

Richard Smullen must be one of those guys that doesn’t sleep because he runs a global private equity investment fund, a leading online video and attention measurement platform and a revolutionary messaging app company all at the same time!

One of his previous businesses was acquired by a Nasdaq listed company.

And his latest venture called Pypestream is looking to radically change the way businesses and consumers interact . In ...


33: Why he left a $250,000 Salary to Sell Used Cars with Oren Abadi (Jun 27th, 2016)

My guest today sells something that makes my heart beat fast and my mouth drool ... No it’s not what you think!

Oren Abadi is the CEO of a luxury car dealership called Abadi Motors selling Porsches, Bentleys, and Rolls Royces among other head turning beautiful pieces of metal

But Oren wasn’t always a car connoisseur, in fact he started his career selling shoes.

His company reported sales last year of $36 million.

And his mission today is to radically change the car buying experience.


What you wil...


32: How to Kill Your Company with Lisa Bodell (Jun 23rd, 2016)

My guest today was in an emergency crash landing and now talks about killing stupid rules.

Lisa Bodell is a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, teacher and globally recognized leader and pioneer in the field of futuring and innovation.

Lisa also is the founder and CEO of futurethink, which enables organizations to embrace change and become world-class innovators.

Her book ‘Start an innovation revolution’ was, named one of the Best Business Books of 2012 by booz&co.

She has appeared on FO...


31: Building 5 Multi Million Dollar Businesses (with hugs) with Jay Baer (Jun 21st, 2016)

My guest today is a serial entrepreneur who has started not one but .. five multi-million dollar businesses from scratch!

Jay Baer is the founder of Convince & Convert and adviser to more than 700 companies, including Caterpillar, Nike, The United Nations and 32 of the FORTUNE 500

Jay is also the host of the social pros podcast which was named the best marketing podcast of 2015

He is also a New York Times best-selling author of five books and has been named “The world’s most retweeted person...


30: How to Get Through the Tough Times (solo episode) (Jun 16th, 2016)

Have you ever woken up and just felt like you wanted to throw your covers over your head instead of facing the world?

In this very short solo episode I talk about how I get through tough times.


29: StorySelling: 10 Steps to becoming a Master Storyteller with Park Howell (Jun 15th, 2016)

Remember how much you loved bedtime stories?

In this episode I pick the brain of Brand Storyteller, Park Howell. We discuss how telling engaging stories can help you grow your business and increase brand loyalty.

Park was named Advertising Person of the Year in 2010 by the American Advertising Federation and his agency has been recognized among the Top 10 Impactful Companies in Arizona

He is also the host of a podcast called The Business of Story


What you will learn:

* How stories can help you g...


28: From Broke to $500,000 in just 2 Years with Jenn Scalia (Jun 6th, 2016)

My guest today went from being totally broke to earning $500,000 in just 2 years!

In this episode I had the pleasure of picking the brain of Jenn Scalia

Jenn is the no-bs, go-to business mentor and visibility strategist who turns online business wallflowers into badass, brazen business babes who shine.

If you want to learn how to earn massive passive income from membership courses then you must listen to this interview!


What you will learn:

* Why I blocked my own uncle on Facebook

* Why it's cru...


27: Built his 1st Computer at the age of 7 and then Started a Fire with Oren Barzilai (Jun 2nd, 2016)

My guest today built his first computer when he was just 7 years old (before the days of  internet and YouTube)! He also created one of the first ever apps (on a NOKIA phone!)

Oren Barzilai was previously the co-founder of a company called Tapingo a mobile food ordering app for the busy world.

He is now the Founder of Start A Fire – a revolutionary online tool that helps you Grow and expand your audience by recommending your content within any link you share.

His company has been featured in For...


26: Taking Flyte in the Digital Age with Rich Brooks (May 29th, 2016)

Rich Brooks is the Founder of ‘Agent of Change’ a digital marketing conference focusing on Search, Social and Mobile. He is also the president of a company called Flyte New Media, a web design and marketing agency which he started in his living room

Rich is a featured tech expert on a CNBC news program, an expert blogger for and a regular contributor for the world’s second most popular blog, Social Media Marketing.

And in another life he enjoys killing zombies on the beach dress...


25: He Said “You’re Out” on Shark Tank then Built a $50Million Dollar Empire with Scott Jordan (May 20th, 2016)


As a big fan of Shark Tank I was really excited to pick the brain of Scott Jordan who turned down the sharks and went on to build a highly successful business

Scott is an ex lawyer who escaped the corporate passionless grind to become a tech entrepreneur and is now the CEO and founder of a $50 Million Dollar Pocket Empire, SCOTT-e-VEST a revolutionary clothing company that infuses ground breaking designs with specially engineered pockets.

Scott and his company have been featured on Shark Tank,...


24: Content is King and This Guy is the King of Content with Darren Murph (May 15th, 2016)

Content is king and in this episode I pick the brains of the Guinness Book Of World Records holder for writing almost 7 million words of content.Darren Murph is the founder and CEO of Page52 consulting. But he’s not just any ordinary consultant. He has spent over a decade working remotely and has visited over 40 countries!Darren has been featured on major networks including Oprah, ABC, PBS and NBC to name a few.And his latest adventure on his journey has led him to publish a book called ‘Liv...


23: This 26 yr old Millionaire Spends 6 hrs a Day Doing What?! with Nathan Latka (May 9th, 2016)

You won't believe what this 26 yr old self-made millionaire spends 6 hours of his day doing ...

Nathan Latka is the Founder of Heyo, a company that has helped thousands of businesses get more leads through smart social media campaigns and was recently acquired by one of it’s competitors.

Nathan is the host of one of the most successful business podcasts called “The Top” where he has interviewed highly successful entrepreneurs ranging from small startups to Billionaires.

He has been featured on m...


22: Do What You Love and Join The New Revolution with Christie Mims (May 2nd, 2016)

Do you love what you do? There is no better time to find your passion.

In this episode I pick the brains of Christie Mims, the founder and CEO of The Revolutionary Club which was selected by Forbes as a Top 100 website for your career

She’s built her community to over 30,000 and has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo, Lifehacker, The US News among many others.


What you will learn:

* How to overcome your nerves and gain confidence

* How changing your body language can win people over

* Why it's cruc...


21: How to provide great Customer Service and build Brand Loyalty with Tema Frank (Apr 28th, 2016)

Are your customers happy? We live in an 'abundance of choice'  generation where loyalty must be earned. In this episode I pick the brains of Tema Frank to find out how to improve customer service and increase client retention rates.

In 2001 Tema founded one of the world's first remote usability testing companies called Web Mystery Shoppers Inc

In 2012 she launched Frank Reactions, helping companies improve their customer experience through impeccable customer service. Her clients have ranged fr...