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#1588 How BenchPrep brought technology to standardized test prep (Apr 23rd, 2018)

Before Mixergy, I was a student like many of you. And in my car on the way to school, I would listen to SAT word recordings. I loved it. The problem is those books are such a pain in the butt to carry around. And I hate to sound like somebody who’d care about this stuff. But you look a little bit lame carrying a bunch of standardized test prep books.
Today’s guest had a similar view of the world. He said, “Why are all these books being lugged around? They’re so antiquated. There’s a better way...


#1587 The risk and reward of chat as a platform (Apr 20th, 2018)

I’ve been noticing that there’s a new platform and the new platform is chat (see more practical use cases here). And today’s guest is a guy who said, “This is the perfect platform for what I have in mind,” which is a way for two people to connect with each other based on their interest or proximity.
I’ll him tell us how many people he has using his software. I’m also going to embarrass him by asking him to tell me about what his revenue is and spoiler alert, I think he’s going to be resistant....


#1586 Terracycle founder on why purpose isn’t enough for social entrepreneurship (Apr 18th, 2018)

You might recognize today’s guest because he was on Mixergy back in the early days of Mixergy Interviews. I learned so much from that interview.
One of the best lessons was when he said, “Everybody says to work your way up to the big guys. Screw that. I want to go after Walmart, because once you get the big guy, everyone else wants to work with you.”
I’m looking forward to learning even more from him. Tom Szaky is the founder of TerraCycle, a company whose a mission is to eliminate even the id...


#1585 How smart brands are using better data to personalize their message (Apr 16th, 2018)

Today’s guest is a hustler. I could find research online to show it, but instead I’m going to tell you a story that he doesn’t know that I know about.
He’s a guy who recognized that there’s a lot noise in the ad world. He came up with a great solution for it.
Eric Frankel asked the question: What if all ads weren’t the same to all people? What if they were so personalized that they understood that I like V-neck t-shirts or button-down t-shirts? What if they took it a step further and said, “A...


#1584 How a certified Infusionsoft consultant bootstrapped his own membership software (Apr 13th, 2018)

I’m excited to have today’s guest on because I kept hearing about the membership software he created. As someone who has a membership site myself, I should have had him on a long time ago.
Micah Mitchell is the founder of Memberium which allows anyone to build powerful, automated membership sites with WordPress and Infusionsoft.
I’m going to ask him how he came up with the idea, how he bootstrapped it by doing work for other people as a consultant.

Micah Mitchell is the founder of Memberium w...


#1583 How VinSolutions was built and sold to Autotrader for $150,000,000 (Apr 11th, 2018)

Matt Watson is the founder of Stackify which helps developers improve their applications.
The company he started before that was called VinSolutions. They offered a collection of software for auto resellers.
He sold it to Autotrader and there were a bunch of different rumors about what the price of the sale was. Biz Journal said he sold that company for nearly $135 million. It ended up being $150 million.
I want to find out how he did it.

Matt Watson is the founder of Stackify which helps devel...


#1582 David took over PaleoHacks (Apr 9th, 2018)

He’s not the founder. He’s not super-comfortable being the front guy.
So how did David Sinick take over PaleoHacks?
(And why was he so anxious about this interview?)

David Sinick runs PaleoHacks, a place that allows you to connect with others who are on the journey to learn how to live, eat, and move better.

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#1581 How to bootstrap a company while fully employed (Apr 6th, 2018)

I’m excited to have today’s guest because he’s the kind of person who’s been on all those forums that I’ve been on forever, building his company quietly and making it into something really big. He did it without ever having that big TechCrunch moment where they say, “Look at me, I raised so much money.”
In fact, for a long time, I’m going to say that TechCrunch would not want to cover you because if you did say, “Look at me,” it would be, “Look at me. I’m working at a company while building m...


#1580 Mark Cummins couldn’t get a job at Google…so he built a search engine so good that they acquired it (Apr 4th, 2018)

Today we’ve got an entrepreneur who created a search engine and sold it to Google about 18 months later. He took some time off and in his off time he invested in some companies, learned the other side of the entrepreneurial journey, and now he is back with a brand new business.
The previous company he created was called Plink. Imagine being able to take a picture of something with your phone and then finding out more about it. That’s the technology that Google acquired and merged it with the...


#1579 How stress affects a founder’s performance (Apr 2nd, 2018)

Today’s guest hit on an interesting issue. You’ve probably felt it but most of us don’t know what to do about it.
Jane Smorodnikova is the founder of Welltory, an app that lets you measure your stress and be more aware of what’s going on in your body so you can understand what your body is ready for each day to feel better tomorrow.
I had no idea how well the app was doing. I invited her here to find out how she got so many users and how she got them to pay so much.

Jane Smorodnikova is...


#1578 How to spinoff a technology from an agency (successfully) (Mar 30th, 2018)

Wait until you hear the story my guest today has to tell. I can’t believe that I didn’t know about this.
Brandon Evans is a guy who started a company and sold it. Frankly, that alone would make for an interesting interview.
But then started another company and was fired from it. That too could make its own interview. Now he’s running something else where he’s taking entrepreneurs on Ayahuasca journeys.
Brandon Evans is the founder of CrowdTap, influencer marketing that actually works and ihear...


#1577 AppDynamics from idea to a $3.7 billion company (Mar 28th, 2018)

It all started with a realization. Two, actually. Jyoti Bansal noticed that more of the software that controls our lives will be in the cloud, and that it would all eventually break.
So he decided to create a company to help the people who make software understand what was going wrong so they could fix it.
This is the story of how he turned this vision into AppDynamics and why he sold the company to Cisco.

Jyoti Bansal is the founder of AppDynamics which gives users real-time insight from your a...


#1576 How does a proven founder find a second business? (Mar 26th, 2018)

Today’s guest noticed a problem. If you’re a web designer or app creator, you can’t see the look on users faces when they’re using your product. You can’t see if they encountered a button they don’t understand, for example.
He thought companies should be able to create a great product without having to code analytics to find out how people are using it. So he built a company to solve that problem. I want to find out how he did it in today’s interview.
Todd Olson is the founder of Pendo.io whi...


#1575 How Bubble founders are making coding obsolete (Mar 23rd, 2018)

Today’s guest says that his company is going to make coding obsolete. If anything, they’re going to probably be building or teaching people how to build using his creation.
Emmanuel Straschnov is the cofounder of Bubble, a visual programming language for web and mobile applications.
We’re going to find out how he did it. Frankly, this isn’t just a vision for the future. It’s a real sustainable business today. It’s bootstrapped. It’s doing well. I invited him to talk about how well and how he go...


#1574 Building a digital marketing agency from nothing (Mar 21st, 2018)

Today’s guest is an entrepreneur I have known for 8 years.
His name is Ross Hudgens and he’s the founder of Siege Media, a content marketing agency with a focus on SEO.
Here’s the thing that blew my mind about his story: I thought agencies could only grow so big and Siege Media has grown way beyond what I thought was possible.
We’ll find out how big in this interview.

Ross Hudgens is the founder of Siege Media, a digital marketing agency with a focus on SEO.

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#1573 What is it like to become a first-time software founder? (Mar 19th, 2018)

We read a lot about entrepreneurs who are building SaaS companies and Ethan is someone who said, “I’m going to jump in and try it out.”
Ethan Sigmon is the founder of SocialInsight.io, a software that helps you manage your Instagram marketing.
I want to talk to him about what it was like to become a first-time software entrepreneur. It wasn’t as easy as it seemed and it wasn’t a disaster either. It was a story that’s a lot more common and I want to learn from it.

Ethan Sigmon is the founder of S...


#1572 Keeping your shit together as a founder (Mar 16th, 2018)

Usually, I have entrepreneurs on to talk about how they built their businesses. Today’s guest is not going to be doing that.
Sherry Walling is the founder of ZenFounder, which helps founders handle the mental side of their work. Her new book is The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Keeping Your Shit Together: How to Run Your Business Without Letting It Run You.

Sherry Walling is the founder of ZenFounder, which helps founders handle the mental side of their work.

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#1571 Jordan Harbinger tells me how he booked guests like Shaq and other podcasting techniques (Mar 14th, 2018)

There are specific things that Jordan Harbinger did relentlessly that resulted in topping the charts of the podcasting world.
I wanted to bring him on here to talk about how he did it with his previous podcast, Art of Charm.
He’s now growing a second podcast called The Jordan Harbinger Show. His goal with The Jordan Harbinger Show is for every episode to solve a problem for you or make you better in some way.
I listened to it. I didn’t want to just come here and say, “It’s a good show. Go downlo...


#1570 How car-sharing GoGet was bootstrapped to $30M (Mar 12th, 2018)

You guys are going to recognize the business model today’s guest created. It’s not laughable the way it was when he started out. People in the U.S. raised millions for that idea, he did not. It had to be bootstrapped.
He built it from scratch and kept growing and growing and growing it. Bruce Jeffreys is the founder of GoGet, Australia’s first car-sharing service.
I’m so fascinated by this scrappy way that he and his cofounder built up the business.

Bruce Jeffreys is the founder of GoGet, Aust...


#1569 La Biblia Reina Valera case study: How to build and sell a profitable app (Mar 9th, 2018)

One of the things that I noticed living in San Francisco is every app seems to be built for the same group of people in Silicon Valley who all seem to be the same.
But I also believe that there are fortunes to be made outside of the Silicon Valley mindset that the rest of the world might benefit from. Today’s guest is a great example of that.
Trevor McKendrick is the founder of La Biblia Reina Valera, a Spanish language Bible app. He did really well with it and then sold the business to do oth...