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Interview with Tim Soulo From AHREFS (Aug 30th, 2016)

Today we interview Tim Soulo from AHREFS and talk about the new capabilities AHREFS is coming out with. Tim also shares unique ways to use their tools. 

Try out the AHREFS free trial.


Review on SEO Tool: BeamUsUp (Aug 4th, 2016)

This is a really simple SEO tool comparable to screaming frog except way easier to use and completely free. Check out BeamUsUp now!


SEO Tool Review: PowerMapper (Aug 3rd, 2016)

This is an awesome tool for competitive analysis. Check out what people's sitemaps look like visually with the PowerMapper free trial.


SEO Tool Review: SEOPressor (Aug 2nd, 2016)

This tool is similar to Yoast except it offers site wide audits, back link audits, and LSI keyword scores. Check out SEOPressor today. Other tools mentioned: Schemaapp and SEOProfiler


How To Obtain Tons of Unique URL's Off Google (Jul 29th, 2016)

This is a great wat to quickly obtain unique URL opportunities off Google. Try these search modifiers:




"keyword" filetype:pdf

link to tool mentioned: URL Profiler


2016 Broken Back Link Building Tool (Jul 28th, 2016)

Curious on how to get more links? This tool combined with the other tools mentioned works great for efficiently building links. Here are the tools mentioned:


Why You Should Do Skyscraper SEO in 2016 (Jul 26th, 2016)

Wondering why you're content marketing isn't working? Not ranking for your keywords? Try the Skyscraper technique! Don't forget to check Brian Dean's post afterwards to learn how!


David Rosam and Chase Reiner Discuss Hot SEO Topics in 2016 (Jul 20th, 2016)

Today on the First Click Inc podcast we talk about content marketing vs link building, the future of digital marketing, and some awesome keyword research tools to help you with your content marketing.

Davids Feedly reading lists (the ones relevant to the podcasts)


The Writing for SEO site


The keyword research tools David users are 

https://www.hypersuggest.com and


Top 8 Social Media Automation Tools in 2016 (Jul 18th, 2016)

List of the top tools:

Pinterest: Ninja Pinner

Google +: Circle Scope

Twitter: Managed Flitter and Twitter Toolkit


SEO Tool Review: (Jul 14th, 2016)

Try out now for free! For all your SEO, SEM, and SMM needs visit


Get More Local Customers By Doing This SEO Technique (Jul 7th, 2016)

Just by using these apps you can get a huge competitive edge. Check out our site at First Click Inc for all your SEO needs.

Items discussed: and


Best SEO Outreach Tool in 2016 (Jul 6th, 2016)

Stop what you’re doing now and listen to this if you’re a SEO looking to improve your search rankings. 

Items discussed:


The Importance of Content Marketing for Local SEO (Jul 5th, 2016)

Curious on how to improve your local search rankings? Here’s an unconventional approach that WORKS. 


Secret Schema Tips For SEO in 2016 (Jul 1st, 2016)

This is an episode about Schema markup you don’t want to miss. Help your clients today by doing a few of these simple things. 

Item discussed:


SEO News with Chase and Eren May 17, 2016. (May 17th, 2016)

Google updated their title tag length, banned certain types of advertising, and added shopping ads in image search. Make sure to join us for our next episode by clicking the subscribe button on Itunes or podbean! Here are links to the articles discussed:


Interview with Social Media Expert Marc Guberti (Apr 21st, 2016)

Learn how Marc Guberti got started with online advertising by the age of 11 and what he does now to make money online.