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Association Chat (est. 2009) is an online community and weekly chat that takes place LIVE on Tuesdays at 2pm ET on You can connect with the association community throughout the week on Twitter using the hashtag #assnchat, on the Association Chat website, or through the private Facebook Group.

Find out more about Association Chat at (*"Cheekily" hashtagged from the beginning! #assnchat – yes, we know what it looks like and no, we aren't changing it.*)

KiKi L'Italien serves as host for the chat with regular guests and quarterly live events along with creative collaborations with industry thought leaders. KiKi L’Italien is the CEO and founder of Amplified Growth, a digital marketing consultancy specializing in SEO/SEM, social media, and content strategy. She also hosts the hugely popular Association Chat live-streamed vodcast, a weekly association-centric news and education outlet which has run since 2009.


What Every Leader Needs to Know about Succession Planning (Nov 17th, 2018)

CEO succession planning is one of the most important duties of every association board of directors - and of every incumbent CEO. But few associations - even large, sophisticated ones - have developed comprehensive succession plans.

In this episode of Association Chat we explore why that is, and how to develop a succession plan with the author of a recent book on the subject and a veteran search executive who is a leader in the association community.

Join KiKi L'Italien (Host of Association...


Design Thinking with Layla Masri (Nov 14th, 2018)

What does design thinking entail and how are associations using it?

For this episode of Association Chat, I interview Layla Masri, president of Bean Creative about design thinking and how she's used it with clients. 


Testing a new Association Chat podcast production flow with Human Factor! (Nov 12th, 2018)

This is KiKi L’Italien coming to you with your Association Chat News Flash Briefing for the week of November 12, 2018!

This week I’m testing the new production flow for the weekly podcast interview series with Blake Althen from Human Factor. We’ll be discussing design thinking for associations on Tuesday the 12th at 2 pm ET and I would love for some of you to join us so we can test the processes and the tech before doing an official show.

You can watch it streaming live on the Association Cha...


This Week in Associations (Week of 11/5/18) (Nov 5th, 2018)

How to listen to Association Chat Flash Briefings on Amazon Echo devices

There's now a new way get Association Chat News updates throughout the week!

Association Chat is now delivering the latest association industry news updates weekly through Amazon Echo devices.

You'll need to add Association Chat as a skill to your Amazon Alexa app:

  1. Go to the menu in your Alexa app and click on "skills"
  2. Search for "Association Chat"
  3. Click on the Association Chat Flash Briefing logo and then click "enable...


This Week in Associations (Week of 10/22/18) (Oct 22nd, 2018)

Association Chat News Flash

Happy Monday, you crazy Association Chat-land people.

This is your Association Chat News Flash for October 22, 2018, your favorite flash briefing on associations and upcoming events in Association Chat-land & I’m the host of Association Chat, KiKi L’Italien.

This week you need to do two things for sure.

The first is RSVP if you are going to attend The Association Chat Happy Hour & VR Adventure is taking place in Alexandria, Virginia, at Brightline Interac...


This Week in Associations (Week of 10/9/18) (Oct 9th, 2018)

Association Chat News Flash

How do you stay innovative and keep your knowledge fresh?

This is your Association Chat News Flash for October 9, 2018, your favorite flash briefing on associations and upcoming events in Association Chat-land & I’m the host of Association Chat, KiKi L’Italien.

— Curiosity is a key trait and skill important to develop in order to understand new opportunities for reaching your audience and inspiring members.

It’s something I work on every day and I actively look...


This Week in Associations (Week of 10/1/18) (Oct 1st, 2018)

Welcome to Association Chat News! I’m your host, KiKi L’Italien, and let’s talk about this Association Chat News flash briefing for the first week of October – October 1, 2018.

This is the 4th quarter of 2018 and this is about the time we start to see a few predictable things happen in the association space.

  • Fall Conference Season is still rockin’ and rollin’ throughout October
  • Folks are looking at how to meet goals by the end of the year
  • We’re all beginning to look at what we need to do for...


This Week in Associations (Week of 9/24/18) (Sep 24th, 2018)

Last week ended with the Association Chat interview with ASAE leaders John Graham, Rhonda Payne, and Reggie Henry talking with me about the recent controversy surrounding the Great Ideas Call for Content Leaders, plagiarism, paying speakers (or not), and how all of these things are being communicated with the membership.

Over 130 registered to hear this interview on Crowdcast and over 500 watched on Facebook Live!

It was a fascinating discussion and one you can hear the entirety of on the Ass...


Ethics Controversy around the ASAE Great Ideas Call For Content Leaders (Sep 24th, 2018)

The ASAE Great Ideas Brouhaha - (Recorded September 21, 2018 - 12:30 EST)

A seemingly simple post sharing the ASAE Great Ideas Call for Speakers was posted to the members-only Association Chat Facebook Group on Friday, September 6, 2018.

This post sparked a controversy over ethics issues concerning plagiarism, intellectual property, and equity of membership.

A rough timeline of the ensuing events and key topics at issue:

- On September 6th a link to ASAE's Great Ideas Call for Content Leade...


This Week in Associations (Week of 9/17/18) (Sep 17th, 2018)

Summary: The American Society of Association Executives responds to criticism over their Great Ideas call for papers, what are you giving away when you sign that next speaker agreement, and what do associations still need to learn about D&I – on this week’s Association Chat News Flash Briefing.

A simple Facebook post sharing ASAE’s new process for applying to speak at next year’s Great Ideas Conference became the focus for attention last week when members of the group found the language u...


This Week in Associations (Week of 09/10/18) (Sep 10th, 2018)

Welcome to Association Chat News! I’m your host, KiKi L’Italien, and it’s Monday, so let’s talk about this Association News flash briefing for September 10, 2018.

Things got pretty fired up in Association Chat-land last Friday. In case you missed it, let’s get you caught up-to-speed.

First, we dealt with long-seeded issues over member value.  When a consultant member of ASAE posted a blog to Collaborate, the members’-only community platform, some people thought it was more self-promotional th...


Labor Day Association Chat Flash Briefing (Sep 3rd, 2018)

This Week in Associations (Week of Labor Day)


Flipping the Script: Lowell Interviews KiKi about Association Chat (Part 1) (Aug 13th, 2018)

What does KiKi think about the association industry after hosting weekly conversations about it for over nine years? What are her plans for Association Chat's future? How does her own consulting business with Amplified Growth play into what she is doing with the Chat?

On this Association Chat, Vista Cova consultant Lowell Aplebaum "flips the script" and interviews KiKi L'Italien, the usual host of Association Chat. 

Please join us for this one-of-a-kind interview on Association Chat.

About A...


Association Chat Flash Briefing: August 3, 2018 (Aug 3rd, 2018)

Here's what you need to know about some good stuff coming up that you might be interested in for the association industry.

Challenge the Excuses: Why Associations Must Do Better with Inclusion (Interviewing Gina Glantz of GenderAvenger)

Tue, Aug 14th at 10:30 AM EDT

Association Chat at ASAE Annual: Interview with Gary LaBranche at Fonteva Lounge and Smoothie Station

Sunday, Aug 19th at 12:45 pm CDT

Join me at the Fonteva lounge and smoo...


Association Chat Flash Briefing for July 31, 2018 (Jul 31st, 2018)

What role have mentors played in your life? Chances are, whether they were called "mentors" or not, there are individuals you have learned from and whom you credit with teaching you some of your best lessons in life.

When Cecilia Sepp, CAE, saw yet another online post featuring someone looking for a mentor in the association space, she took notice and did something. 

This Thursday I'll talk with Cecilia Sepp about the new program she created, the Association Mentoring Network, asking her abou...


It's a weird time of year in Association Land! (Jul 30th, 2018)

This is a longer Flash Briefing to kick off the week. I'm preparing for my family vacation down to Universal Studios next week and hearing from a lot of folks who are navigating vacation times and back-to-school prep. 

What are you up to this week?



Association Chat Flash Briefing: What is your Voice Strategy? (Jul 26th, 2018)

Post your audio comments in response to my flash briefings on the app!


Experiential Design for Associations (Jul 24th, 2018)

In 2015 Nancy Belmont launched a project called the Courage Wallthat captured the attention of national and international media. The Courage Wall is a huge public chalkboard that reads, “I WISH I HAD THE COURAGE TO . . . ®” Nancy was interviewed on the TODAY Show, was featured internationally on Al Jazeera Network, and was highlighted in print media including The Washington Postand Forbes Magazine. The project was even tweeted by First Lady Michelle Obama.

In 2016, Nancy launched the UNITY Pr...


Association Chat Flash Briefing: July 9, 2018 (Jul 9th, 2018)

This Tuesday at 12:30 pm EDT, I’m talking with someone who is using technology to make finding the perfect sponsors and exhibitors not just more strategic, but interesting, as well. My guests will share their experiences on finding the best match for sponsorships.

At 2 pm EDT, I’m talking about Marketing, Membership and a View of the Digital Future for Associations with the VP of growth at Personify and CMO for Wild Apricot.

Thursday at 2 pm EDT we’re talking about the ethics around online re...


Association Chat Flash Briefing for July 6, 2018 (Jul 6th, 2018)

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