Chit chat and debate about politics and culture in the US and UK, with Host Roifield Brown, UK based journalist Jonn Elledge and US historian Rob Monaco with occasional guests.



Ep: 4-61 Trump vs Obama and Johnson vs May (Sep 12th, 2018)

Today we are joined by our friend the writer in Philly Nathaniel Popkin, and by writer and wag Mic Wright in Norwich.

In a week that has seen the release of Bob Woodward's book 'Fear' on the Trump White House, we look at two feuds either side of the Atlantic?


Ep 4-60 Trumps beef with McCain and racism in British politics (Aug 31st, 2018)

Today we are joined by the happy curmudgeon that is the New Statesman's Jonn Elledge somewhere in London and by Salon's political editor Amanda Marcotte in Brooklyn, New York.

In a week that has seen Theresa May strike trade deals with Malawi to replace our membership of the EU, we ask was John McCain the saint the press would have us believe?


Ep: 4 - 59 Draining the swamp of American lobbyists and Boris Johnson's burkha broadside (Aug 9th, 2018)

Today we are joined by the journalist of a thousand quips Mic Wright in Norwich, England and by that sensible man of the left who likes good wine Doug Levy in San Francisco California.

In a week that has seen Another warning bell for Republicans In the shape of the closeness of the special election in Ohio we ask who will ever drain Washington’s swamp.

Boris Johnson has an appeal to white working class voters, who are traditional Labour voters but who backed Brexit, so his cozying up to right w...


Ep: 4 - 58 Trump the Traitor and could there be a National Government because of Brexit (Jul 26th, 2018)

Today we are joined by the woman that Time magazine described as "an outspoken voice of The Left Amanda Marcotte in Brooklyn New York and in Burnley sometimes called the renaissance capital of Lancashire with have Donald Trump’s favourite tweeter Mike Holden.

In a week that has seen the 40th birthday of the world's first test tube baby we ask is Donald Trump a double agent?

President Donald Trump said in a tweet on Tuesday that he was "very concerned that Russia will be fighting very hard to ha...


American History Tellers Revolution an introduction (Jul 20th, 2018)

Imagine it's 1754. The British had developed thirteen colonies along the eastern seaboard of the American continent. Meanwhile, the French had quietly colonized a strip down the center, with a line of settlements along the Mississippi River.

This threw the American colonies in the middle of a global power struggle between England and France that eventually led to a revolution.


Ep: 57 - Russia's geopolitical position (Jul 17th, 2018)

In a week that has seen a France beat Croatia 4-2 to become champions of the globe, we ask has this World Cup been Putin’s biggest triumph?

There were fears that world cup would be racked by hooliganism and racism, and an instead travellers to Russia in 2018 were confronted by smiles, streets parties and have learnt to not define a people by its politicians. Tim Could this world cup be as effective way of disrupting our perceptions of Russia as the GUR’s campaign to disrupt the 2016 US electio...


Ep: 56 - Trump dodges the baby Trump Blimp and World Sport (Jul 13th, 2018)

Today we are joined by that most gentle of journalists, that sensitive soul in Norwich Mic Wright and we call onto the field of battle our super sub pundit Doug Levy in San Fransisco!

In a week that has seen England lose yet another semi final we ask, why is Donald Trump over here upsetting us all?


Donald Trump has arrived in the UK for a four-day visit which will feature talks with our embattled PM Theresa May, crumpets with the Queen and a giant Trump baby blimp being flown over Westminster....


4 - 55 Huckabee Sanders is asked to leave and the English feel good about the World Cup (Jun 27th, 2018)

Today we are joined by the journalist of a thousand quips Mic Wright in Norwich and by the woman that Time magazine described as "an outspoken voice of the left Amanda Marcotte in Brooklyn New York

In a week that has seen a California woman threaten to call police on an eight-year-old black girl for selling water we ask is it right to refuse to serve a politician in public?


Ep: 4 - 54 Brexit inches closer as Trump makes diplomacy great again (Jun 13th, 2018)

Today we are joined by heavyweight pundits Amanda Marcotte of Salon in New York and Mic Wright in Norwich in England. In a week that will see the world go to war over football we ask just what does the UK governments victory yesterday mean for Brexit?


Ep: 4 - 53 Italy's new government and Putin's World Cup (Jun 5th, 2018)

Today I’m joined by our foreign correspondent, the man with passport that has been stamped more times that Henry Kissinger's, Tim Marshall. Tim was IRN’s Paris correspondent, he has worked for the BBC and Sky News. Reporting from Europe, the USA and Asia, Tim became Middle East Correspondent based in Jerusalem. His latest book is ‘Worth Dying For. The Power and Politics of Flags’. In a week that has the Trump summit with Northern Korean leader Kim Jong Un be called off, then be called back on...


Ep: 4 - 52 Roseanne's racist tweets and Northern Ireland's abortion limbo (May 31st, 2018)

Today we are joined by Amanda Marcotte of Salon in Brooklyn and Alice Thwate in Oxford of the Echo Chamber. In a week that has seen Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko come back from the dead, we ask what is going on in Roseanne Barr's head?


Ep: 51 - The intellectual Dark Web and The Royal Wedding (May 23rd, 2018)

In a week that has seen Meghan Markle inject a little colour on a royal pageantry we ask what is the Intellectual dark web?

Last week saw the mainstream web, the place where liberals with a small "l" hang out, gnash their collective teeth over an article by Bari Weiss of the New York Times, the article was a coming of age for many thinkers who see themselves as persecuted for speaking the truth. They claim that freedom of speech is being denied them by an intellectual straightjacket that is im...


Bonus episode - Ep: 2 The Things that made England - Ska (May 4th, 2018)

Racial diversity is one of many facets that separates England from the other parts of the United Kingdom. While the UK’s White population totals over 55,010,359 or 87.1% according the 2011 census, just under 13% or over 7.5 million are non white. Over 90% of all British ethnic minorities live in England and most of them can be found in its cities of Birmingham, London, Leicester, Luton, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Bradford, Coventry and Watford. It’s the arrival of the first mass wave of non w...


Ep: - 50 The Windrush scandal in the UK and the record numbers of women declaring to run for the House and Senate (Apr 28th, 2018)

Today we are joined by Amanda Marcotte Salon's Senior Political Reporter in New York and by Alice Thwaite editor of the Echo Chamber in Oxford. In a week that has seen the leaders of the two Koreas declare an end to nuclear weapons on the peninsula we ask, what does the Windrush scandal say about Britain in 2018?


Ep: 4-49 Amanda Marcotte - Troll Nation: How the American Right Devolved Into a Clubhouse of Haters (Apr 18th, 2018)

Today we are joined by Salon’s Senior Political Reporter Amanda Marcotte to examine her new book Troll Nation, how Trump, a man with peake, and resentment won the highest office in the land. She has covered the American right for years its a slice of America she knows well but grew up in a conservative Texan household with Fox News and Rush Limbaugh-loving parents, we ask why did she leave her people?


Ep: 4-48 Corey Ryan Forrester takes on Evangelicals and his money is on Biden in fight with Trump (Mar 28th, 2018)

Today I’m joined by the always funny liberal Redneck Cory Forrester in Chickamauga Georgia, to give us his take on the last week in American politics. In a week that has been the president involved in a scandal with a porn star of which pornography is the least disgusting thing about it, we document the new normal that is American politics.

22.1 million  Americans watched Sunday night’s “60 Minutes” to see Stephanie Clifford, a.k.a. Stormy Daniels and Anderson Cooper talk about her affair with...


Ep: 4-47 The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, why should we care. (Mar 23rd, 2018)

Facebook exposed data on 50 million Facebook users to a researcher who worked at Cambridge Analytica, which worked for the Trump campaign and a similar number of facebook users in the UK. Did Cambridge Analytica help swing the last US election and the vote Leave campaign in the UK? Why are we more worried about being manipulated politically but not our consumer habits, isn't Facebook just a bunch of cookies on steroids?


Ep: 4 - 46 Will there be a second referendum and why is Trump starting a trade war? (Mar 10th, 2018)

Today we are joined by Jorno Mic Wright in somewhere in Gonzo’s Tea Room in Norwich and by author and man of travel Chris Kurtana in the land of Highbury and Islington. In a week that has seen a porn star sue the president of the United States and Italy lurches to populism, we ask will parliament or a second referendum save us from Brexit?


Ep: 4-45 Chris Kutarna author of the book The Age of Discovery (Mar 1st, 2018)

Can we look to the Renaissance to understand the political turmoil of today and if so, who are the Columbus, Copernicus, Gutenberg and Savonarola of today?


Ep: 4-44 More death and slaughter in America (Feb 15th, 2018)

Three of the deadliest mass shootings in US modern history have occurred in the last five months.

David Hogg, survivor of Florida school shooting: "This is the 18th one this year. That’s unacceptable. We're children. You guys are the adults. You need to take some action and play a role.”