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1235 How He's Hit 2% Gross Logo Churn in SMB SEO Tech Space (Dec 11th, 2018)

Myles is Founder and CEO of BrightLocal. He has worked in the local search industry since 2009 and has been a contributor to the Local Search Ranking Factors Study. He has written a regular column for Search Engine Land and spoken at SEO conferences in the US and UK.


1234 How He Bootstrapped to $160m in ARR in HR Space (Dec 10th, 2018)

Colin Day is chairman and CEO of iCIMS. Day incorporated iCIMS in 2000 with a vision to deliver applicant tracking software emphasizing ease-of-use and an unparalleled customer service. Under his leadership, iCIMS has grown to become the leading best-of-breed provider of talent acquisition software in the industry.


1233 With 4m Customers, $4b Transfered Every Month, is Transferwise The Cheaper Bank Of The Future? (Dec 9th, 2018)

Taavet Hinrikus is the Co-founder & chairman of @TransferWise the international money transfer platform with over 4 million customers and valued at over $1.6billion makes sending, receiving, and spending money around the world as cheap as possible at the real exchange rate. Previously built @Skype as 1st employee, from Estonia, adventurer, disruptor and investor.


1232 I should have sold my first company sooner, now LeadDyno $1m+ (Dec 8th, 2018)

Brett Owens has co-founded and successfully bootstrapped two software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies that are growing and profitable today. He is currently the Marketing Director and Co-Founder at LeadDyno, an 'instant affiliate marketing' solution for small businesses.


1231 How He Launched Channel Partnership on Day 1 After Losing Millions (Dec 7th, 2018)

In 2012, Wayne Johnson co-founded encompass corporation, a SaaS business driven by the belief that the best decisions are made when people understand the full picture. As CEO of encompass, Wayne has lead the creation of the company’s Know Your Customer (KYC) automation software for the banking, finance, legal and accountancy sectors.


1230 Collibra passes $60m in ARR, $133m Raised for Data Governance (Dec 6th, 2018)

Felix Van de Maele

Co-founder, CEO

Felix co-founded Collibra and serves as the company's Chief Executive Officer. As Collibra's CEO, Felix is responsible for the company's global business strategy and has led Collibra from idea to founding to more than ten years of record growth and industry leadership. Prior to co-founding Collibra, Felix served as a researcher at the Semantics Technology and Applications Research Laboratory (STARLab) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, where he focused o...


1229 This Single Mom is Turning Mexican Propane Industry on its Head (Dec 5th, 2018)

Energetic, hard-working and determined. Always learning and eager to help fellow entrepreneurs. She has been leading Gaszen and it's team for 3 years now, from idea to product and raising more than USD700K in Mexico. Gaszen is raising interest in 4 countries in Latin America.


1228 SwiftPage ACT CEO "We're 1-2 Years Away from $100M in ARR" (Dec 4th, 2018)

H. John Oechsle is President and CEO at customer relationship management and marketing automation software provider, Swiftpage. John has a 30-year track record of building highly profitable and sustainable revenue growth for emerging companies and established global leaders. He has been recognized several times for his involvement in the tech industry.


1227 Would $24m ARR Dashlane Ever Merge with LastPass? (Dec 3rd, 2018)

Emmanuel is the CEO of Dashlane, the world's best password manager. He has over 20 years of management experience across the technology and media sectors.

Prior to Dashlane, he was CEO of CBS Outdoor France, EVP at Vivendi Universal Games, and the Founder and CEO of He began his career focused on navigation algorithms for the Mars Exploration Rover.

Emmanuel has a Master's in Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Universite de Tou...


1226 How GrowSumo is Covering Base Expenses While Growing Performance Based Revenue (Dec 2nd, 2018)

Luke's the co-founder and VP Sales at GrowSumo, a Y Combinator and venture-backed company. Before GrowSumo Luke helped his dad build a blues theatre attached to the back of his house, and was active in nonprofit communities


1225 Enterprise Management Company Alfresco Passes $100M ARR, IPO Next? (Dec 1st, 2018)

Bernadette Nixon, Alfresco’s CEO, leads the company’s strategy for growth, customer commitment and culture. Bernadette is an experienced global leader with a proven track record of growing some of the leading companies in the market and has a wealth of experience in the process and content management industry. Before joining Alfresco, Bernadette served as President of SDL PLC., a global software and professional services company, after having grown its sales team as chief revenue officer. Pri...


1224 CrispThinking passes $10m in ARR helping Enterprise Manage Social Media (Nov 30th, 2018)

Adam Hildreth is one of the foremost global experts on how to keep people safe from the dangers resulting from user generated content posted online.

He has worked with global brands, governments and law enforcement for the past 12 years on issues including child grooming, security threats and reputational issues.


1223 Just $1m Raised and $1m+ in MRR as Formstack Grows in Indianapolis (Nov 29th, 2018)

Chris Byers is the CEO of Formstack, a versatile online form solution that streamlines processes for capturing and managing information. With a mission to empower business professionals through simple and elegant tools that remove complexity from everyday business processes, Formstack is committed to pursuing sustainable growth. Chris works with Formstack's leadership team to advance the company's initiatives, including its culture code and vision, which focus on relationships, results, and ...


1222 Workable CEO on Saying "No" to Acquisition Offers, $20m+ in ARR (Nov 28th, 2018)

Nikos is the CEO of Workable, makers of the popular recruiting software used by 6,000 companies in 80 countries. He led the company from its inception in 2012 to a fast-growing organization with 185 employees in USA and Europe, raising $40m of venture financing from elite European investors.

Nikos has appeared as a speaker at the Nantucket Conference, SaaStr and SaaStock, and has been interviewed in popular podcasts and media like Forbes and the New York Times.

Nikos holds a Computer Scien...


1221 JaneApp Raises $0 Dollars, Passes $4.7m in ARR Helping Patients Schedule Sessions (Nov 27th, 2018)

Alison does not like writing 50 word bios - but does like talking about SaaS, Healthcare, Growth, Insurance Billing, Pricing, Churn, Customer Service, Sales and Human Behaviour. She is lucky to live a life that allows her to talk about all of these things every day as Co-Founder of Jane.


1220 How He Shields Himself from SMB Churn with 1200 Resellers, $2.3m/mo in Revenue (Nov 26th, 2018)

Brendan King captivates sales, marketing, and software professionals with his humour, intensity, and imaginative thinking. He is the co-founder, CEO and innovative force behind Vendasta. King is passionate about upholding Vendasta's core values of drive, innovation, respect, and agility while leading the company down a path of innovation.


1219 Will Prosperworks and it's 10,000 Paying Customers Win CRM Wars? (Nov 25th, 2018)

Jon holds a BS in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from UC Berkeley and currently resides in Hillsborough, CA with his wife and two daughters. He's a big fan of aquariums and is known for his epic all hands speeches.


1218 This Browser Notification Company Just Hit 400 Customers, $600k ARR (Nov 24th, 2018)

2X Founder with experience of building martech products. Experience of working across telecom, education and martech and building products that touched over 100Mn users. Passionate about how mobile and web are shaping the future. On the sidelines, I love cycling and catching up with my favorite podcast shows.


1217 We've increased employee retention 30% at call centers (Nov 23rd, 2018)

Sara is the Co-founder of StellarEmploy. StellarEmploy's B2B SaaS platform uses deep learning to help employers hire better hourly workers and improve retention by 30%. She developed the technology while completing her PhD at Harvard. She has ten years of international operations experience and completed her BA at Stanford University.


1216 PandaDoc CEO: "We've passed $1m in monthly bookings" (Nov 22nd, 2018)

I was born in Minsk, Belarus, around the time USSR started to collapse. Severe infection with the entrepreneurship bug got me to do things like wash cars when I was 7 and sell berries when I was 10. Eventually, it got so bad I had to jump on a plane to USA, where this type of disease is not only not treated, but also rewarded. There, I started numerous software companies, raised multi-million dollar financing rounds, built amazing teams, and helped dozens of thousands of businesses to be mor...