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Entrepreneurs are often starved for time but passionate about moving the needle in their business growth. We want to help entrepreneurs learn powerful strategies about content, online and social media marketing and just great tips and strategies to grow their business and boost success.



Making powerful videos through Animoto with Jason Hsiao (Jan 18th, 2019)

For anyone out there you know how important video marketing is, so stand by as we chat with Co-Founder of Animoto an award winning online video maker used by millions today, Jason Hsiao So let’s set sail.

Welcome aboard Jason

  • What’s your take on the power of video for businesses today.
  • What are the challenges of video marketing for the average Entrepreneur -why do we get stuck or ‘don’t do it’?
  • Why did you create Animoto and how did it come into fruition?
  • How can Animoto help us attract more...


Achieve a Peak Performance State Of Mind with Jason Linett (Jan 11th, 2019)

I am super thrilled to be speaking to author, speaker, hypnotic success coach Jason Linett who has hypnotized and helped more than 250,000 people. Today he’ll share how we can achieve a peak performance state of mind to accelerate business growth.

  • We’ve heard of using hypnosis to quit smoking, lose weight, remove limiting beliefs, but I’ve never thought of it to help me in my business growth – why do you think that is.
  • What do you say to those skeptical about hypnosis.
  • Do you have to be in t...


Untapped Potential In LinkedIn Ads with AJ Wilcox (Dec 7th, 2018)

We are chatting about some untapped potential that is LinkedIn Advertising with LinkedIn Ads Expert AJ Wilcox. 

Last time we spoke you shared the different ways we, as entrepreneurs, can advertise using LinkedIn. Why is it such untapped potential?

  • What changes have taken place over the past year?
  • Video Ads are new – can you share what they are like, what is the cost?
  • Lead Gen Form Ads – similar to Lead Ads in Facebook are also new!
  • What are the benefits of LinkedIn Ads over Facebook?
  • What is...


Get Creative With Video With Kapwing's Julia Enthoven (Nov 23rd, 2018)

Le'ts learn to get creative with video with ex Google Product Manager, video tool creator and Co Founder of Kapwing Julia Enthoven.

  • Video is clearly where it’s at when it comes to online and social media marketing, but as an entrepreneur it’s not always a strength. What are the biggest challenges we face?
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to using video?
  • Besides shooting a video and uploading, how can we be more creative to attract attention?
  • What are your top 3...


Pimp Your PR With TeeJ Mercer (Nov 2nd, 2018)

Get ready for some high energy as I chat with Media Maverick TeeJ Mercer as she shares how we can Pimp our PR.

  • Getting MSN, CBS on our website is one thing but being put on national TV with that kind of coverage seems unattainable for most entrepreneurs. Why does it feel so out of reach?
  • TeeJ bust myths about tv media attention!
  • What do you need to even be considered for TV media – what groundwork or assets do you need?
  • If there is one thing we can do RIGHT NOW to get media attention?
  • What c...


Social Media Videos Using Headliner with Oliver Wellington (Oct 26th, 2018)

So you know I love tools and online apps so I’m super psyched to chat today with Oliver Wellington, start up junkie, and co-founder of the most popular audio to video creator on the market Headliner

  • What spawned the start of headliner?
  • Why are videos so key in social media?
  • How do the audiograms help your podcast show exposure?
  • What are the benefits of captions on the videos?
  • Share the features Headliner has and how we can use it.
  • I see you have a few new features – adding gifs, turning blog...


Creating Profitable Facebook Campaigns with Mojca Zove (Oct 19th, 2018)

I am super thrilled to be speaking to author, speaker, and Facebook Ad Expert Mojca Zove. She’ll share some tips on how to create profitable Facebook Campaigns.

  • You call it the science of FB Ads – how so?
  • So many dabble in Facebook Ads on their own and try to figure it out – what are the 3 biggest mistakes they make in trying to do so?
  • What should our goals be while creating FB Ad campaigns?
  • Is it better to be general or specific in your targeting?
  • How do we test and how does it optimize you...


Why Groundhog Day Is Not A Business Strategy with Adam Hommey (Oct 4th, 2018)

I am super pumped about chatting today with good friend, best selling author, speaker, web wizard and secret weapon to many, Adam Hommey. He’ll be sharing why Groundhog day is an event NOT a business strategy. Peaked your interest? Then let’s set sail!

  • I love how the book is about The Secret to Finally Solving Those Pesky Issues, Burrowed Deep, and Unleashing Your Ultimate Business Success! Why groundhogs?
  • Now I know the book unearths 6 areas. Can you share the power of the S.P.R.I.N.G. Form...


Write your book in a flash with Dan Janal (Sep 28th, 2018)

I am super thrilled to be speaking to author, speaker, book coach Dan Janal who is going to share the essential steps to start writing your first book.

  • Why should entrepreneurs write books?
  • What is one thing you must be clear on before you write the first word of your next Best-Seller?
  • What are the essential steps to writing a book? Some of this will surprise you!
  • How do we interject stories, when stories don’t come easily to mind?
  • What is a book coach and developmental editor how can they h...


Proven Ways To Manage Your Biz Expenses With Meredith Crawford (Sep 21st, 2018)

  • Why do we hate looking at expenses and how does this affect us?
  • What is our biggest mistake?
  • What should our expenses be in relation to our revenue?
  • Most of us focus on monthly bills – is this bad?
  • Tell us about that B word we hate -budget.
  • What can we do today to be proactive?
  • Tell me about Financial risk, what does that mean?

Meredith Crawford is the founder of Solerno Media. She’s an exceptional Business, Marketing and Storyteller Expert who helps small business owners get out of the vic...


Target your dream customer using Funnelytics (Sep 14th, 2018)

I am speaking to sales funnel and conversion optimization expert and Founder of Funnelytics Mikael Dia. He’ll share with us how to maximize our ROI using sales funnels. Here are some questions I asked Mikael.

  • How do you know your business is ready to use the strategy of automated sales funnels?
  • How do automated funnels help grow a business?
  • What types of funnels do entrepreneurs typically use the most?
  • How does funnelytics help master our funnels?
  • Why do users love it so much?

Mikael Dia is...


Positioning yourself in the media to grow your business (Sep 7th, 2018)

I am super thrilled to be speaking Esther Kiss the co-founder of Strategic Influence and founder of Born To Influence, a one-of-a-kind publicity & marketing agency, where she helps experts and personal brands get exposure for an extended period of time by placing them on the right media outlets.

  • How do you become an influencer?
  • What should your goals be?
  • How does media coverage help your business?
  • How to get started so you can get media attention?
  • Some of the mistakes people make when tr...


Be More Profitable with Robin Waite (Aug 30th, 2018)

I am super thrilled to be speaking Robin Waite, business coach, author, speaker who is going to share how you can be more profitable in your business.

  • The 3 things you’re not doing to be more successful
  • You help businesses be 50% more profitable – in what ways are we leaving money on the table?
  • What are common pricing mistakes that will make our business fail?
  • Tell us about your book Take Your Shot - How can I make more money, attract more clients, and grow my business?"

Robin Waite, busine...


Income Producing Marketing Funnels with Michelle Evans (Aug 23rd, 2018)

I loved chatting with funnel expert Michelle Evans who is crushing it creating client-generating, income-producing, stress-reducing marketing funnels. She shares her wisdom and here is what we cover:
  • How do people get started with Funnels?
  • Michelle explains why your goals are crucial.
  • How do you figure out what the right funnel is for you.
  • Where do you START?
  • What is your secret to getting huge open rates in your emails?
  • How do you get into the minds of your audience?
  • Can funnels work withou...


How the C.L.I.C.K Technique helps you take control of your online marketing (Aug 17th, 2018)

Want to take control of your online marketing? Then join me as I chat Lindsey Anderson of trafficandleads – where your solution to slow growth is just one click away – plus she’s my co-host on Marketing and Merlot and friend and now Best Selling Author of The CLICK Technique – which we’ll be chatting about today.

  • So many entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed with online marketing – how does the Click Technique help?
  • Tell us about the book and then step us through the Click Technique – what are all ...


Get closer to your 6 figure dream business with Jim Palmer (Aug 9th, 2018)

I am super thrilled to be speaking to my favorite marketing expert, author, speaker and sought after dream business coach Jim Palmer. He’ll be sharing his thoughts on investments so you can get closer to your 6 figure dream business.

  • So many people have a fear of investing in their business – what holds us back from taking this investment?
  • What is microwave mentality and why does it hold your business back?
  • What are the best ways to invest in your business to get further ahead and closer to ...


Building a Badass Brand With Pia Silva (Aug 3rd, 2018)

We are chatting with Entrepreneur, speaker and writer Pia Silva who is a partner and brand strategist at Worst of all Design where they build "Badass Brands without the BS". Pia is going to give us tips on creating a badass brand. 

  • So what are badass brands?
  • What does "branding" mean for solopreneurs and small businesses selling their services?
  • Some people think ‘logo’s are the only element of branding – what would you say to those that have this view.
  • How does your ‘brand’ affect what audie...


Getting Lean & Profitable with Jason Burt (Jul 17th, 2018)

Today we are chatting with Lean Production expert Jason Burt who shares how to use the lean manufacturing strategy developed by Toyota to drive growth and profitability. 

  • What is lean consulting and what would that mean to a business owner?
  • Who do we get out of the ‘doing’ mode and make improvements in our business?
  • How can the lead strategy help a business owner?
  • How do you use the scientific method and test to make improvements?
  • How can we manage our workload to create growth and profitabi...


How To Be Newsworthy with PR Expert Alistair Clay (Jul 13th, 2018)

Today we are chatting with PR expert Alistair Clay who is on a mission to democratize PR, to help them reach new audiences and achieve massive success by being in control of their market positioning & their reputation.

  • PR feels like a mystery zone, where you are typically at the mercy of an expensive PR firm and we as business owners have no idea how to handle it. Why is that?
  • Is there a myth that you need to be a huge company in order to benefit from PR?
  • You believe all businesses have...


Improving your financial bottom line with Brent McClure (Jul 6th, 2018)

Today we are chatting with Strategic Business Advisor | Public Speaker | Executive | CPA Brent McClure who helps businesses surpass their financial goals through leadership coupled with strategic planning and execution. Today he’s going to share how outsourcing your accounting and financial services can improve your bottom line. 

  • When you say ignoring your "back office" can ruin your business, what does that mean and how does it affect our bottom line?
  • You of course promote outsourcing acco...