091 with Internet Icon Tristan Louis: CEO Casebook, previous owner of Internet.com Business, HSBC Chief Innovation Officer and Head of Internet at Deutsche Bank and much more... (Sep 16th, 2018)

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Tristan Louis was officially the 24th person on the internet having a webpage. Tristan's a true thought leader on everything digital and tech, known in the TV and the media industry in general being featured in the NY Times, Forbes, or the Business Insider. 

Besides now being the CEO and President of Casebook which is an amazing project, he has worked in high c-level regions before. 
Previously, has was the co-founder of in total 6 companies with 2 IPOs and 3 exits. He led the starting point of the internet at banks like HSBC as the Chief Innovation Officer or at Deutsche Bank afterwards as the  Global Head of Mobile and Internet.

In the early days of the internet, he worked together with internet leaders such as Steve Jobs or Marc Andreesen which most of you know. How did I come across him? In my workshops around podcasting, I wanted to find out who were the inventors of the podcast industry. Clearly, Tristan was also involved in that. Together with a couple of other people, he brought up the idea of an RSS feed which now enables everybody in the world to host a podcast. 

Amazing story. Don't miss it. Let Tristan and me know what you think about it. 


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