Data Privacy Day LOL #1342 (Jan 29th, 2019)

Geek News Central

Data Privacy Day is a big joke as those of us in America have no privacy. The only real privacy you may have left today is to turn off all devices in your home. Close the curtains and then maybe you will have a little privacy other than that with the tech we use we have no Privacy and it’s worse than you can actually imagine. I spend some time on today’s show going over just that.

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Show Notes:

* Data Privacy Day

* Google and IAB Categories.

* Nvidia Earning Smash.

* Ireland Wants Answers.

* Huawei Indictments.

* Huawei Crackdown.

* SpaceX Crewed Flight Demo.

* NLRB Ruling.

* Apple Gaming Rumors.

* Apple iPad Rumors.

* Opportunity may be Lost!

* Massive Google Fiber Outage.

* FCC Collusion.

* Canadian Mobile Fees Highest in the World.

* Roku Premium.