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WordPress 5.0 Armagedon #1332 (Dec 7th, 2018)

WordPress 5.0 has been released I will not be one of the first to upgrade largely because we have a lot of editors here and one thing I have found is that big UI changes like this will always cause a certain amount of chaos. Plus I want to give the automatic team a few days to fix some bugs that will likely show up in millions of roll-outs. I am not a fan of the new Guttneberg editor and will likely load the plugin to use the old editor. I will let the team decide which way to go. Big week fo...


Tumblr to Clean up the Porn #1331 (Dec 4th, 2018)

Tumblr, in my opinion, has always been known for a haven of adult content is semi-cracking the whip starting on 12-17. After being removed from the Apple App store for finding inappropriate content related to child abuse. But in their statement, they say they will allow certain types of adult-themed content. So while they are on one hand cracking down they are leaving room for artistic content. One person’s art is another person’s porn so we will see how they accomplish this. Lot’s of great f...


DJI Osmo Pocket #1330 (Nov 30th, 2018)

DJI Osmo Pocket has been announced and at the rate, DJI is announcing products they are going to continue to dominate in certain product categories. The new device is quite compelling but with mobile phones now having great stabilization some of these products will be challenged. I am back in Hawaii until I need to depart for my daughters delivery of my first grandchild. So the countdown is on.

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$1475 to Repair the MacBook Pro WTF #1329 (Nov 27th, 2018)

Apple Support wanted $1475 to repair the MacBook Pro which is 700+ more than the customer support representative quoted over the phone. I am in utter shock. So after an Ohana member turned me onto a CBC investigative report on gouging of repair cost via Apple. I have sent the MacBook to a respected computer repair group in NYC. We will see what they come up with an estimate to repair the MacBook.

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A Cat Destroyed my Son’s MacBook Pro #1328 (Nov 20th, 2018)

Yes, A cat destroyed my Son’s MacBook Pro. You are simply not going to believe this story a curious cat and a series of incredible events caused the utter destruction of my Son’s MacBook Pro which Apple is predicting will cost $700 to repair. The cat is still alive but you’re not going to believe it. My son is utterly devastated on what has happened as there is more to the story then a destroyed MacBook there is potential data loss as well from a series of unfortunate events. The Apple repair...


Are Kids GPS Watches Being Tracked? #1327 (Nov 16th, 2018)

Are Kids GPS Watches being tracked? If a report from The Register proves to be true I think I would smash my Kids GPS tracking watch into a million pieces but that’s just me and I know already that the majority of us are being tracked by equally bad folks as well from the advertising and data analysis firms. But the kids GPS tracking is much more sinister and could endanger your kids to predators. You need to reach out to the companies and make sure your kids GPS watch is not affected here.



MoviePass Marketing Run by an Idiot! #1326 (Nov 9th, 2018)

MoviePass marketing is being run by an idiot. It’s obvious that they cannot hire anyone with half a brain with the money they are stealing from consumers in my opinion. The latest email they sent out was so bad that a five year old could have put together a better marketing message. All they did was piss more people off and remind them how horrid their service is. I truly do not understand how they are still in business. I have a pile of news for you today along with some insight into interne...


An App that Tracks your Voting History and Political Affiliation #1325 (Nov 6th, 2018)

An App that tracks your voting history and political affiliations is now available for others to take a closer look at your political activity. While much of this information has been available to political parties it is now available to anyone which to me is a bit unnerving considering the political climate we are in at this point and the absolute craziness going on in the world. I also look at have the elections been hacked and do you trust the forthcoming results.

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Did you Realize Public Wifi Hotspots are Tracking our Location? #1324 (Nov 2nd, 2018)

Public WiFi Hotspots are tracking your every move. Once you sign in to one anytime you pass by almost any Hotspot in the country with your Wifi Turned on they mark your location and share that with the companies that look for customer information. So not only are we being tracked by our phones no Wifi Hotspots are spying on us. Add to this a deal that Google just made with iRobot and now the insides of our homes are being mapped there is no escaping the data collection on us.

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Is Bitcoin Causing Global Climate Change? #1323 (Oct 30th, 2018)

Is Bitcoin causing global climate change? Well, a bunch of scientists thinks Bitcoin mining will cause a 2 Celsius increase in global temperatures over the next 20+ years. Lets be frank do we think Bitcoin will still be around in 20 years or will it become more popular driving global demand for Bitcoin which will use all the electricity we can create. Personally they sound like a bunch of alarmist as it will be hard to tell how much renewable energy we will be using in 20 years.

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Chinese Taunt President to use Huawei Mobile #1322 (Oct 26th, 2018)

The Chinese today taunted the President to use a Huawei phone after they were accused of tapping the President personal iPhone. The bigger story is that if the Chinese and Russians can tap the Presidents iPhone what does that mean for the rest of us doing business day in and day out on these same mobile phones. Does that mean the Chinese and Russians are listening in on our business calls and stealing trade secrets. It really does make you sit back and wonder if that is the case oor not.

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Uninstalled Phone App Tracking #1321 (Oct 23rd, 2018)

Uninstalled Phone App Tracking now seems to be the new way to market to us. Remover an App and within moments they will start marketing directly to the IP. Once again Privacy is disregarded in lieu of profits. I am hoping that both Apple and Google make examples of these companies. I am glad to be back with no travel planned for the next 30 days. So stay tuned in.

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Will they Abandon the ISS #1320 (Oct 12th, 2018)

Will NASA Abandon the ISS due to the failed Soyuz launch today that resulted in a ballistic re-entry for the Cosmonaut and Astronaut aboard? There is real pressure here as the current occupants need to depart the ISS by January as the Soyuz vehicle at the station will no longer be viable after that. As a reminder, the show will be off next week and I dig into some future plans that I want you all to be aware of.

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Is Apple and Amazon Covering Six? – #1319 (Oct 9th, 2018)

I truly believe that Apple and Amazon are covering six on this hardware hack. My speculation is that they have been told you shall keep your mouth shut at all cost we don’t care if you lie to the public. This is too big and will cause global economic chaos and disrupt business for years. I truly think Bloomberg got it right. My intuition on this kind of stuff has me thinking this is the biggest digital hardware hacking cover-up ever. I do not believe. Lot’s of stories.

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Chinese Hardware Hack of a Lifetime #1318 (Oct 5th, 2018)

The Chinese have pulled off the Hardware Hack of a Lifetime. If what is being reported by Bloomberg is true than this is truly and incredible hack. So much so that it should set every American back in there seat and truly ask if we can trust Phones, Computers, Tablets, Routers you name it any electronic product coming out of China. Is this an act of War? If proven to be true this has the potential to be the biggest industrial, government, military hack ever. One really needs to take the time ...


Streaming Maniac #1317 (Oct 2nd, 2018)

I have been a streaming maniac for the past couple of days. I have learned one thing that Wowza Cloud has huge ongoing issues streaming to YouTube but it seems that it does just fine at any other of the live streaming locations I have been using. I am really pleased with the live streaming to twitter. The challenge remains to get all the streams up and running which takes a few minutes as I am launching the show.

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Elon Musk Trouble with SEC #1316 (Sep 28th, 2018)

Elon Musk is in real trouble with the SEC. There are two organizations you don’t ever want to have to go answer to the IRS and SEC both of them can make your life a living hell. Elon is about to have his hands full and will be lucky when it is all over if he is still in charge of the company. I have mentioned in a previous show that we need to keep an eye on him. One thing the government loves is targeting big companies. Especially when they cost the investors money.

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Chrome 69 Privacy Issues #1315 (Sep 25th, 2018)

Chrome 69 opens up a quagmire of possible privacy issues without Google really explaining why they are logging users into the browser now by default. As one columnist said trust is not a renewable resource. Our online privacy continues to be whacked away little but little yet nothing is being done to protect consumers and we will soon reach if we have not already a tipping point. I continue to experiment with the new streaming setup and so far minus a few hiccups, the system seems to be doing...


70 New Amazon Alexa Announcements #1314 (Sep 21st, 2018)

Today Amazon announced over 70 new Alexa related announcements with a whole stack of new devices and refreshes. You can tell that Amazon Alexa and the entire team there is serious about making these platform stick. The sheer number of devices gives Amazon an amazing head start.

Today’s show is unique I introduced a brand new live show deployment system that had the podcast being simulcast on 6 different locations including Twitter. Next show we will add one more live deployment space and that ...


Amazon Reviews Removed by Bribe? #1313 (Sep 18th, 2018)

Amazon Reviews apparently can be manipulated by a simple bribe. Goes to show you that Amazon is likely not paying their employees enough if a payment from $80 to $2000 can get sales reports, negative reviews removed and a whole bevy of nefarious things. Tonight I cover that and other top stories and lay out some re-involvement I am going to have in the content of the website. It is time my voice was back on the front page of the website along with my writing team. Lots more to come here as I ...