Understanding Human Nature by Alfred Adler (Dec 11th, 2018)

One Minute Book Review

Today I will be reviewing 'Understanding Human Nature' by Alfred Adler. Alfred Adler is among one of the most influential behavioural psychologists of his time. In this book, Adler assesses the factors that determine human nature to understand them more clearly. The topics analysed range from the concept of the soul to feelings of inferiority and characterization during the initial years of life. The complexity of his arguments is something to admire. The majority of is arguments are observational and still remain relevant to this day. What I liked about this book was the ascent from the inner soul to how we can conduct ourselves in the book, as well as prominent topics in between. The complexity of the Adler's explanations matches the language used. For this reason, if you're new to Adlerian psychology, it is better to read a commentary rather than this book. However, if you would like to challenge yourself, then I suggest you read this to broaden your understanding of Adlerian psychology.