Mastery By Robert Greene (Oct 3rd, 2018)

One Minute Book Review

Becoming the best is difficult, and rightly so, but how can you do so? This is the questions this book seeks to answer. In this book, Greene expresses the areas that ‘true’ masters focus on to become the best. A rigorous development in the apprenticeship phase, followed by years of intensive output, capped off with concentrated dedication is the formula laid out in this book. As easy as it may sound the historical references to Einstein, Mozart and De Vinci show the process is far from easy. What remains consistent is the formula that Greene presents. As an entry into the writing of Greene, I have found this book helpful in describing what made ordinary people become masters. The reason why this book is worth reading is Green focusses on delivering hard facts backed up by historical references rather than clichés. It transforms this book from an informative book, to a book that will remain seminal like the pieces of work discussed inside. I rate this book five stars.