A Little History Of Economics by Niall Kishtainy (Sep 25th, 2018)

One Minute Book Review

Understanding the origins of economics can be a critical tool in laying the foundations for international business, trade and socio-economic development. Kishtainy in this book aims to give an insight into the fundamental milestones that formed what we now term economics. The impact of economists such as Smith and Keynes is explained in this book, alongside many others. What I learnt from this book is that the economics that we know today didn't come into existence with ease. The trials and tribulations of past empires caused this definition to change shape and character over time. What remained was a system that best represents the state of global trade at that time. It is interesting to see whether this will change as we change our definition of how business to conducted into the future. A book that must be read to know the origins of economics and the effect it has. I rate this book four stars.