Tribe Of Mentors by Tim Ferriss (Jul 31st, 2018)

One Minute Book Review

Learning from the world's best is a smart thing to do but finding condensed resources to acquire this information is hard. Ferriss, like in his previous bestseller 'Tools of Titans', details interviews with extraordinary people to find out what makes them so. Unlike his previous book, Tribe of Mentors focusses mainly on five questions that the interviewees answer. The specificity allows the guest to go into a bit more depth than a standard interview, giving the reader more value. The result is a book that is full of wisdom, insights, tips and most importantly lots of book recommendations! What emerges are patterns from the book that we as the reader can highlight and apply to our own lives. These patterns become the driving force behind the book which allows it to become so valuable to anyone who reads it. This book like all of his others is timeless and full of power. I rate this book five stars.